Joy Squared: Reid and Behar Meltdown Over Maskless Trump

In Donald Trumps glorious moment of Triumph over Covid-19, the hits just keep on coming!


Joy Reid is DISGUSTED people!

How dare Donald Trump take his mask off while socially distanced!

In the ultimate Boss move President Trump has managed to send the the MSM to the depths of TDS Hell. 

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All it took was insulting the masses of corrupt media and politicians by disrespecting the all powerful mask!

The same mouthpieces calling for the end of policing are now suddenly bereft with fear and agony over the fates of the fine men and women of The Secret Service. 

They're not doctors, right?

Joy Reid also can't stop flapping her gums over POTUS defiance in the face of mask shaming demagoguery. 


I shudder to think, Joy. What will this madman do next?


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Return to work?

Put faith in our medical advancement over the last 7 months?

Give Americans hope to carry on living outside the confines of your fascist pandemic state?

Why, yes, I believe he will be doing all of those glorious things!

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