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Wise-Guy Attempts to Steal a Trump Flag from a Vietnamese-Americans for Trump Rally But Gets Arrested Instead


Democrats must be worried!

Trump pledged that he would win more minority voters than any other Republican president.

And it appears he is fulfilling that promise!

A Vietnamese-Americans for Trump parade happened in Orange County today!

California is very liberal.

But these Vietnamese Americans want people to know that they stand with President Trump!

A liberal who saw the parade happening wasn't very happy.

He attempted to steal a pro-Trump flag from one of the participants.

Just a few seconds later, he ended up being arrested by police officers!

See the incredible moment as it happened below:

The parade itself was quite successful. 

Multiple videos from Orange County appear to show dozens of Viatnamese Americans participating in the pro-Trump car parade.

Democrats and their allies in the media like to portray Trump as a "racist."

However, he has continued to get more and more support from minority communities.

The Vietnamese-American community doesn't get as much attention as other minority groups, but they have been staunchly behind President Trump!

In fact, they even held a rally in front of the White House!

Even foreign press has covered the Vietnamese-American support for President Trump.

According to the South China Morning Post:

The results echo those of a similar poll in 2018 by APIAVote and AAPI Data in which Vietnamese-Americans were the only Asian-American group with a majority who approved of Trump’s job performance, at 64 per cent.

Pham Do Chi, one of the founding members of the US-based advocacy group Vietnamese Americans for Trump as President Again, or TAPA, whose members include refugees and veterans of the former South Vietnam military, told This Week in Asia there were clear reasons he preferred Trump.

“Asian-American lives have improved significantly under the Trump presidency, with a very strong economy and nearly full employment before the pandemic,” he said.

Chi, 71, who has a doctorate in economics and was a former economist at the International Monetary Fund, said he thought Trump had the ability to lift the country out of its current recession, and also liked his tough stance on “illegal immigration” and China.

In comparison, Chi said he thought a Biden administration would increase taxes, “notably on the corporate sector, [which] will prolong this recession much further into 2021 and beyond”.

In a letter addressed to Trump in July, TAPA expressed its “100 per cent support” for the current president and his “Make America Great Again” campaign. The letter also spelled out the group’s gratitude to the US for welcoming Vietnamese refugees, and outlined its deep objections towards communism and Marxism “because it impoverished our country and killed our innocent people”.

The historical relationship between Vietnam and the US is primarily characterised by the legacy of the Vietnam war, which ended in 1975. That year also marked the beginning of a mass emigration of over 2 million Vietnamese, Cambodian and Laotian refugees from their home countries. More than 880,000 of the 1.6 million Vietnamese who fled were resettled in the US.

In Vietnam, where online fan pages supporting domestic politicians are not common or viral, Trump fan pages boast tens of thousands of followers on Facebook – the most popular social media network in the Southeast Asian country, with over 60 million users.

This November, every vote will be critical to ensuring that President Trump gets re-elected.

We must continue to make our voices heard!


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