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Why Are So Many Top-Level Republicans Suddenly Sick With COVID? My Thoughts, From NOAH.


Ok folks, this is not our typical hard News article.

This is opinion and speculation. 

It's my current thoughts and maybe some dot-connecting. 

Here's the basic question….is it just me or does anyone else find it really weird that so many top Republicans and people on the Trump Team are suddenly infected with COVID?

They've gone MONTHS and been fine, and suddenly now?

Is something bigger going on?

Maybe, because it's not just me. 

I'm seeing a lot of people asking that question today, like this:

And this:

I like those guys over at TruthLion, good people.

CNN even commented on Sen. Ron Johnson becomming the third GOP Senator to come down with COVID today:

Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has tested positive for coronavirus after being exposed to someone with the virus earlier this week, according to his spokesman, making him the third GOP senator to test positive in 24 hours and threatening the quick confirmation prospects of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

In a sign of just how little margin for error there is to get Barrett confirmed by Election Day, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell wrote in an email to GOP senators obtained by CNN that he needs all Republican senators back in Washington by October 19.

Sens. Mike Lee of Utah and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, who sit on the Judiciary Committee, tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday -- just days after attending a White House event where President Donald Trump nominated Barrett. Multiple attendees of that event, including Trump, have tested positive in the week since the ceremony, which featured many people not wearing masks and not observing social distancing protocols.

Johnson did not attend the Barrett nomination ceremony — where several people appeared to have been exposed to the virus — because he was quarantining from a prior exposure, during which he twice tested negative for the virus, according to the spokesman. Johnson was able to get tested before speaking to the Ozaukee County Republican Party Oktoberfest Dinner on Friday night in Wisconsin, he said on a call with reporters Saturday. The senator, who said he had decided to get tested as a precaution after hearing that Lee had tested positive earlier on Friday, learned he had tested positive after the event on his ride home.

Unlike Democratic senators, Senate Republicans meet three times a week for lunch. And while they sit in a large room, they remove their masks to eat and to speak. Johnson, Lee and Tillis all attended Senate GOP lunches this week.

If the three senators remain out this month, it would effectively prevent Barrett from being confirmed to the Supreme Court until they return, which could be after Election Day during a lame-duck session. A lame-duck confirmation is a situation that GOP leaders are eager to avoid in case they lose control of the chamber next month.

Senate Republicans, pushing to get Barrett on the Supreme Court by month's end, have circled October 15 as a crucial day when they will need Tillis and Lee to return. That's because they will need a quorum of senators to begin the process of voting on the nomination.

So we have Ron Johnson, Mike Lee, Kellyanne Conway, President Trump, Thom Tillis, Chris Christie, Melania Trump, Hope Hicks, Bill Stepien....and probably more I have missed.

So what is going on?

Why now?

Why all of them?

Yes, I realize they all attend some of the same gatherings, but it still strikes me as odd.  

Well, here's one theory.  

BitcoinBen is a prominent YouTuber who we have covered here before.

He just posted a video today explaining that this is cover to put President Trump in hiding and out of the public eye while he launches his new currency, a new digital dollar.

That actually makes a lot of sense and connects a lot of dots from recent news alerts.

Put him on 200% speed and listen as he explains how this is EXACTLY the same thing Kennedy was doing with his Silver Dollars when he was assassinated (starting at about the 4-5:00 minute mark):

Other theories similarly think Trump is in secret protection while the operation to arrest Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators is ran.

It's the perfect Art of War....make your enemy think you're weak and then strike!

Here's how that theory goes....

Trump posted this message to Tiwtter on October 1:

On October 2, he went into quarantine, allegedly at Walter Reed hospital.  

October 2, or 10/2, is a very important date in the QAnon community ever since Q posted this random image:

See the full link from QAnonPub here.

That's what Q does, he posts sometimes seemingly random items that become clues.  

In this case, speculation has run wild about what a Mickey Clock pointing to the 10 and the 2 means.

For those in the know, many believe Disney is full of pedophile elties.  

So some have speculated that 10/2 is the date the roundup of the elites happens.  

And with Trump going into secret quarantine on 10/2, some dots started to get connected.  

Then on his Twitter post many noticed the TOGETHER was capitalized.  

And others pointed out that TOGETHER could be broken up as TO-GET-HER.

To Get Hillary.  


To be clear, these are not my original ideas. 

These are being tossed around online.  

Even Rolling Stone covered it (with of course a very negative bias), take a look:

Considering how adamantly Trump has denied that Covid-19 is a threat, and considering how his most fervent supporters have fallen for this line of reasoning, one would think that the recent revelation that the president has tested positive for the virus would be a sobering reminder of the dangers of the disease. One would, however, be wrong.

In the wake of the news, as pundits have struggled to unpack the implications of what Trump’s diagnosis means for the election, conspiracy theorists who have downplayed the impact of COVID-19 have reveled in the news. “We’re hitting this sort of perfect nexus of political and medical disinformation right now,” says Brian Friedberg, senior researcher at the Harvard Shorenstein’s Technology and Social Change Project.

Believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory, a baseless belief that Trump has a plan to arrest leftist deep-state operatives, are particularly thrilled, with many believing that Trump’s diagnosis has been staged — and that the arrests of his deep state enemies will occur while he is in isolation. Others believe that because he is taking hydroxychloroquine, a drug he has heavily promoted despite the FDA’s cautions about its serious side effects, he will be perfectly fine. (Initial reports have indicated he is showing mild symptoms so far.)

“They believe the real reason he is in quarantine is to isolate him away from the evil deep state plotters so the storm can commence, and no one can reach him once the shit hits the fan, and when the mass arrests start he will be protected,” says Travis View, co-host of the QAnon Anonymous podcast, which explores the bizarre roots of the conspiracy theory. “So of course this plays into the ‘nothing as it seems’ component of conspiracist thinking.”

A major piece of “evidence” believers have cited is Trump’s own tweet announcing he had tested positive for the virus: “Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!” Many QAnon believers interpreted “together” as “to get her,” “her” meaning Hillary Clinton, a classic example of the QAnon “decoding” of “breadcrumbs,” or so-called hints the President has dropped to alert them that the plan is in action. Others cited a September Q drop featuring a Mickey Mouse clock with the little hand on 10 and the big hand on 2, presented without context; this has led some to speculate that it was in reference to “10/2,” the date Trump tested positive for the virus. (Q himself, the anonymous 8kun poster or group of posters who is the figurehead for the movement, has been silent since the news broke.) 

And these theories seem to be gaining traction in the mainstream fairly rapidly: As of Friday morning, “QAnon” was one of the trending terms on Google, with more than 50,000 searches.

View sees this response as a way for conspiracy theorists to make sense of a twist in world events that is contradictory to their worldview. “The three big rules for conspiracy theorists are: ‘Nothing happens by accident, nothing is as it seems, and everything is connected,'” he says. “The idea that an indifferent, cruel virus could have disastrous impacts on world events” by infecting the president a month before the election is “impossible for them to comprehend.”

The apparent cognitive dissonance we’re seeing far-right extremists display following Trump’s diagnosis actually makes a lot of sense, says Kathleen Stansberry, assistant professor of strategic communications at Elon University. “There’s something called the backfire effect. It essentially says that when confronted with facts that contradict someone’s worldview, instead of causing them to question it, it causes them to double down whatever belief was challenged and makes them dig in harder,” she says. “And I think we’re seeing that a lot right now.”

Regardless of the ludicrousness of such “evidence,” the fact is that conspiracy theories about Trump and Covid-19 are already gaining significant traction on social platforms, and the companies appear to be doing very little about it. 

On Twitter, for instance, QAnon influencers with hundreds of thousands of followers are promoting the idea that Trump is lying about contracting the virus for strategic reasons (this is in spite of the fact that Twitter has recently promised to crack down on QAnon accounts). Theories placing the blame squarely on the left have also been finding an audience. DeAnna Lorraine, a former congressional candidate with more than 390,000 followers who has publicly embraced QAnon, tweeted that she believed shadowy forces intentionally inculcated Trump during the debate earlier this week: “I put NOTHING past the left. NOTHING,” she said. Although Twitter policy is to include a label on misinformation about Covid-19, the tweet has no such label and has more than 5,000 retweets and 16,000 likes as of Friday morning.

The social platforms’ inability to rein in disinformation is complicated by the fact that QAnon believers specifically have been instructed by Q to go further under the radar to avoid deplatforming, largely by avoiding the slogans and hashtags they typically use. “Now that the networks have gone stealth, it’s become even harder to not only identify a QAnon account but take action against it,” says Friedberg. “As Q has become more stealth, a lot of their speculation and conspiratorial framing can seep into other conversations a lot easier.”

As speculation and conspiracy theorizing about Trump’s condition runs rampant, extremist researchers and experts believe that no matter what the outcome of his diagnosis, it will only serve as fuel for the fire of conspiracy theorists’ beliefs. “A mild case [of Covid-19] strengthens the idea this is not such a big deal and that [Trump’s diagnosis] is being blown up to discredit the presidency,” says Stansberry. “If it is very serious, then people will start talking about how this was a coordinated bioattack.”

The Sun also covered it:  

QANON conspiracy theorists bizarrely claimed that Donald Trump "got COVID on purpose" to distract the media and "arrest Hillary Clinton."

The believers are speculating that Trump might be using his diagnosis as a cover to arrest Clinton, saying they're "giddy" and "dangerously hyped" about it.

The supporters believe Trump's diagnosis is a 'cover up'Credit: AP:Associated Press
Trump, 74, announced that he and Melania had contracted coronavirus hours after it was revealed his top aide Hope Hicks tested positive for COVID-19.

But QAnon supporters think the deadly disease – that has killed at least 207,000 Americans as of October 2 – is fake and have several wild theories.

Their most recent idea involves Trump trying to arrest his former presidential rival – and they're convinced he eluded to in his announcement.

"Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive," the president tweeted on Friday morning. "We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!"

Several accounts made outlandish allegations that Trump's use of the word "together" suggested that he actually meant "to get her."

One user wrote: "My hype levels are dangerously high right now."

Others made bizarre comments about how Trump could not have the virus as he has taken hydroxychloroquine.

The drug has been widely proven to be ineffective in preventing people from contracting the virus.

Speaking at a press conference on Friday, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the president's symptoms were "mild" and his energy was high.

So...what is truly going on?

I don't konw.  

I think it may be some combination of all of the above.

I don't 100% buy the story that Trump just got the COVID and so did everyone else.  

In fact, I think that if you look at who all has it, you might be getting a pretty accurate list of his most loyal supporters.  

Perhaps all of these people have been moved into secret hiding to keep them safe while something plays out behind the scenes?

And the people who don't have it in the Republican party?  Maybe not so trustworthy.  

Keep this list.  

That's my take. 

I don't know WHAT is going on, but I do believe there is probably something REALLY big happening right now that we can't see and we'll only learn about in the future.

I think all the important people have been moved to a secret location and are being kept very secure while this plays out.  

It's October.  

This is the time we've been waiting for for 4 years.

If the White Hats were going to strike, it has to be now, and what perfect cover for going dark is COVID.  

I love it.  

Stay tuned folks, I think we'll see the truth play out in the next 1-2 weeks.  

Stay tuned, stay alert. 

This is going to be an INCREDIBLE month, I promise you that.  

NOAH out.  


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