New Campaign Wants To Send ONE MILLION Fire Chris Wallace Postcards To Fox News!


Do you think Chris Wallace did a TERRIBLE job moderating the debate?

Do you think he was trying to help Joe Biden?

Do you think he asked several “gotcha questions” to President Trump?

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If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, you might have one million other Americans that agree with you.  

That is according to a new campaign just launched with the goal of sending 1,000,000 postcards to Faux News that say FIRE Chris Wallace!


The call to Fire Wallace is all over on Twitter:

Even our President himself says Wallace did a bad job.

And that it was basically two-on-one.

Take a look:

A ton of postcards have already gone out.

Check this out:

From the new campaign to send Fire Wallace postcards:

Chris Wallace proved to be a partisan hack during the first round of presidential debates! Throughout the evening, Wallace purposely sparred with President Trump and refused to call Joe Biden out on his lies! We the American people will NOT allow it!

Fox News must immediately FIRE Chris Wallace and we need YOUR help to make this happen! Our goal is to send Fox News 1 MILLION postcards demanding that they FIRE Chris Wallace immediately!

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Want to join in?

Do your part, tap here....👇

TAP HERE to Send Fox News a Fire Chris Wallace Post Card:

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