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Muslims Praising Biden After He Said “Inshallah” in Response to Trump During Debate



Joe Biden said this Araibic word during the first presidential debate.

Didn't catch it?

We don't blame you…

The debate was so fast-paced and crazy that it was difficult to keep up at times.

But Muslims at home quickly recognized and understood the word.


The left likes to accuse President Trump of "racist dogwhistles" and other unfounded accusations.

But why won't they question Biden over the use of the word "Inshallah?"

Given that most voters speak English and that the debate was conducted in English, why did Biden think it was appropriate to say an Araibic word randomly on the stage?

See the stunning moment for yourself below:

Most viewers likely missed the word.

But American Muslims perked up when they heard it.

Now, they are praising Joe Biden for using the word.

The Hill confirms:

American Muslims took to Twitter to praise Democratic nominee Joe Biden after he used the Arabic word “inshallah" during a discussion on President Trump’s tax returns during the first presidential debate Tuesday night.

The remark came after the debate moderator, Fox News’s Chris Wallace, asked Trump to comment on recent New York Times reporting that the president paid only $750 in federal income taxes per year in 2016 and 2017.

“I’ve paid millions of dollars, and you’ll get to see it,” Trump said, implying that his tax returns would eventually be made available to the public.

“When?” Biden asked.

The former vice president then added, as his campaign later confirmed to NPR, “inshallah,” an Arabic word that translates to “God willing" or “if God wills it.”

American Muslims and others praised Biden on social media, pointing out that the vice president used it in its widely known sarcastic meaning as a way for someone to not fully commit to something they may be hesitant to do.

Some claimed Biden’s remark had inclusionary significance for American Muslims, with Buzzfeed News immigration reporter Hamed Aleaziz tweeting that it was “a historic moment in America.”

Others, however, criticized Biden’s comical use of the word, which refers to the Muslim belief that nothing will occur unless God wills it to be done.

“Biden’s use of inshallah was kinda colonial and derogatory if you ask me,” journalist Tamer El-Ghobashy said in a tweet.

It appears as though many left-wing activists are happy that Biden used the word.

Would Trump be met with the same reaction if he uttered a Jewish word?

For some reason... 

We doubt it.

See some of the praise that Biden is receiving below.

Some people claim that the word "inshallah" was used sarcastically.

However, it translates to "if God wills it."

And yet Democrats call Republicans the "religious crazies!"

CNN even covered the story:

During one of the more charged moments of the chaotic US presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden dropped a phrase from everyday Muslim and Arab vocabulary and lit up the internet.

Pressing President Donald Trump on when the American public would get to see his long-anticipated tax returns, Biden questioned: "When? Inshallah?"
In certain vernacular, "inshallah" serves as a non-committal response to a question.
Taken literally, the term "inshallah," consists of three Arabic words (In sha' Allah) which translate into "if God wills it." Spiritually it represents a submission to God's will. It can perhaps be seen as the Muslim counterpart to the Yiddish adage, "Man plans, and God laughs."

Children in the Muslim world will often say that when a parent responds to a question with "inshallah," it signals an unfulfilled promise, while unreliable timekeeping is lightheartedly chalked up to "inshallah timing."

"Yes, Joe Biden said 'Inshallah' during the #Debates2020 debate," tweeted political commentator Wajahat Ali. "It literally means 'God willing,' but it's often used to mean, 'Yeah, never going to happen.' Example: My wife: Will you finally pick up your socks? Me: Inshallah. No, saying inshallah doesn't make you Muslim."

Whether or not Joe Biden was attempting to pander, voters in Ohio did not like his debate performance.

During a live CNN panel, only 1 "swing voter" in Ohio thought that Biden beat Trump.

See it below:


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