Hilarious: CNN Asked A Panel Who Won The Debate And One Person Raised Their Hand For Biden



It looks like CNN’s plan backfired.

CNN asked a panel of “undecided voters” in Ohio if the first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden had a clear winner.

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To their surprise, only one person raised their hand for Joe Biden.

They also asked by a show of hands who thinks Trump won the debate.

CNN host Ana Cabrera then refused to announce how many hands were raised and the CNN video crew didn’t direct the camera at the panel as they did when they asked the same question about Biden.

The camera did catch at least two people raising their hands that they believe President Trump won the debate.

Watch the video yourself, hopefully, it brings you a chuckle:

To conclude CNN host Cabrera had to say “And of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean that those people who are raising their hands have made up their minds at who they’re going to vote for.”

The story didn’t meet CNN’s narrative that Biden won the debate.

I’m sure this clip won’t receive a lot of airtime over at CNN.


CNN then posted the video on its website titled “no real winner tonight”.

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Last time I checked two is greater than one.

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