Trump: “Don’t Ever Use the Word Smart with Me, Joe. There is Nothing Smart About You”


Sleepy Joe attempted to be a "tough guy" tonight.

Didn't work out too well tonight…

During the first minutes of the debate, Joe Biden used the word "smart."

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Donald Trump quickly picked up on it.

Trump turned to Biden and told him never to use the word "smart," claiming that Biden doesn't even know what it means.

This is one of the most surreal moments of the night so far!

See it below:

The moment lasted 30 seconds on TV.

But it is sure to leave an impression on American voters.

USA Today was one of the first news outlets to write about the incident after it happened:

Intelligence test: Trump and Biden question each other's smarts

We've reached the stage of the debate where Trump and Biden criticize the other's IQ.

"Did you use the word smart?" Trump told Biden, questioning his opponent's academic credentials. "Don't ever use the word smart with me."

Biden, who had said Trump's has exhibited less-than-intelligent leadership, replied: "Oh, give me a break."

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People took to the internet to quickly praise Trump for going after Biden's failing mind.

The responses are brutal!

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