Presidential Debate: Trump Has to Remind Chris Wallace He’s There to Debate Biden


Aren’t debate moderators supposed to be neutral?

We’re barely into the debate and Trump has had to remind moderator Chris Wallace that he’s there to debate Biden, not Wallace!

Wallace came at Trump with a totally loaded question.

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He claims that Trump doesn’t have any sort of plan to replace Obamacare.

But Trump quickly countered Wallace and reminded him that he’s the only President that’s been willing to take on big pharmaceutical companies for the cost of drugs!

And he reminded Wallace that he’s not going after people with pre-existing conditions.

Check out some of the reactions on Twitter to Wallace’s performance so far:

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This is totally normal behavior for Wallace by the way.

Check out this clip of him interviewing Trump this summer, where he tells Trump that he's wrong:

It's pretty clear already Wallace is going to do everything within his power to help out Sleepy Joe.

But Wallace better watch out because he's no match for Trump!

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