Dr. Jill Biden Calls Joe “Presidential”

Unfortunately for her, we have years worth of evidence of Joe's bad temper, lying, and poor decision making to combat that claim.


Former Vice President, and current Democratic Candidate, Joe Biden can hardly finish a sentence or leave his house, but his wife Dr. Jill Biden would have us believe he is the best man for the job. 

Presidential, even. 

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She wants us to believe Sleepy Joe is strong and steady. 

Have you ever seen him have to answer a real question?

Like when Axios asked him about Hunter last week:

Or when this Michigan plant worker DARED to question Sleepy Joe on his gun control positions:


The truth is, Joe Biden isn't Presidential. 

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He was hardly Vice Presidential. 

He stood for nothing in the Senate. 

In fact, all he's ever really done is plagiarize, lie, sign disastrous bills, and help his son get rich off of our Geo Political adversaries. 

Not quite what I would call, "Presidential."

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