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California Governor Signs Bill Allowing Transgender Inmates to Be Housed in Prison Based on Their Gender Identity


All bad ideas start in California.

The state is absolutely rife with Democrat idiocy.

And things just got a little bit worse in the Golden State.

Democrat Governor Gavin Newson signed a bill today requiring transgender inmates to be housed in prisons that identify with their “gender identity.”

In other words, men will now be in womens’ prisons and vice versa.

Take a look at the story from Fox News:

A new law signed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Saturday requires the state to house transgender inmates in prisons based on their gender identity.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation houses men and women in separate facilities, and transgender inmates often are housed based on their biological sex. Advocates have argued that this is dangerous, particularly for transgender women housed in male facilities.

The law says officers must ask inmates privately during the intake process if they identify as transgender, nonbinary or intersex. Those inmates can then request placement in a facility that houses either men or women.

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation cannot deny requests solely because of inmates’ anatomy, sexual orientation or “a factor present” among other inmates at the facility, the law says.

This coming from a party that claims to care about the rape of women?

Lets see how much rape in prisons goes up now that male and female inmates will be confined together.

And that's not all the California Democrats are up to with this whole transgender rights nonsense!

They're actually working on passing a bill that would use taxpayer dollars to pay for childrens' sex-change operations.

Can you believe it?!

The Post Millenial pointed out this atrocity:

This bill has incredible ramifications for adults and children alike, but especially for children, who could easily receive hormone replacement therapy or sex reassignment surgery at an age well before they're able to consider the longterm consequences of such life altering decisions. Minors who receive these treatments could experience infertility or sterilization only to realize as adults, they want to have a baby and cannot, or they want to live life once again as their biological sex at birth and now are trapped in an other sex's body.

Dr. James Grisolia, a San Diego neurologist and California state director of the American Academy of Medical Ethics told CBN News that he is very concerned for the children who might essentially receive treatments due to the funds this bill provides. "It very explicitly says that the funds are going to be going to trans organizations who will then be working with medical clinics that they choose so the transgender organizations will be in the driver's seat on the treatment of children," Grisolia said.

"The problem with that is up to 85 percent of children think that they were born in the wrong body. They'll actually change their minds by the time they get to adulthood so we don't think it makes sense to treat a temporary problem with hormones and surgery that cause permanent harm," he said.

This bill could be potentially life-altering for children experiencing gender dysphoria and who seek hormone replacement therapy or sex reassignment surgery—radical treatments—at an age when dysphoria often passes with therapy. Not only will the treatments be paid for by taxpayer dollars, making treatment easier to obtain, but the law now explicitly legalizes hormone replacement therapy and sex reassignment surgery under the guise of "trans-inclusive health care." Should the child grow up and desire to return to living at their natal sex, I would not not be surprised for those treatments to be rejected by insurance or TGI-affirming healthcare institutions, due to this specific language.

Perhaps it's about time we let California secede from the United States?


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