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President Trump Honors “The Return” National Prayer and Repentance Day With Official White House Proclamation!


I have said it so many times….President Trump is the most pro-Christian President we have had in my lifetime.

Perhaps ever.

Sure he's had some wild times in his past.  He's a rough and tumble guy, at times rightfully labeled a playboy and has been married 3 times and often has some "colorful" language. 

But you know who else fits that same description and worse?

King David of the Bible.

You did know that right?


You did know that he seduced another man's wife and then had that guy later killed, right?

So I'm here to tell you that none of us has the right to judge President Trump for his past.

And I'm also here to remind you that the Bible says we will be known by our the fruit of what we produce!

And President Trump continually produces good fruit.

This newest announcement is one of my favorites.

Organized MONTHS if not years ago, "The Return" was organized as a National March on Washington, DC…..a National day of Prayer and Repentance.  

Jonathan Cahn, Franklin Graham, Mike Huckabee, Mike Lindell, and so many others are involved with this an participating.  

And I find it so incredible that this one special date….the day that America is calling out as a Nation to return to God… the same day President Trump is appointing his new Supreme Court nominee to replace that witch Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  


But who could plan such a thing?

Absolutely incredible.  

And the other thing I love about this is President Trump issued an official proclamation from the White House supporting this National Call to Prayer and Repentance….here's one quote:

Today, I am pleased to join my voice to yours in thanking God for blessing this nation with great power and responsibility.  With reverence, humility, and thanksgiving, we beg for His continued guidance and protection.

From the Office of the President,

On this inaugural National Day of Prayer and Return, the First Lady and I join millions of Christians here in the United States and around the world in prayer, as we turn our hearts to our Lord and Savior.

Our great Nation was founded by men and women of deep and abiding faith—a faith that has stood the test of time.  Four hundred years ago, early American settlers trusted their lives to His providence and braved a voyage to a New World.  From the pilgrims who sought His protection aboard the Mayflower to the countless believers who today bow their heads to ask for His guidance during these unprecedented times, our country continues to turn to the Lord.  Following in our ancestors’ footsteps we continue the “firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence” that provides us enduring strength and reassurance in our times of need.

The trials and tribulations the American people have faced over the past several months have been great.  Yet, as we have seen time and again, the resolve of our citizenry—fortified by our faith in God—has guided us through these hardships and helped to unite us as one Nation under God.  As we continue to combat the challenges ahead of us, we must remember the sage words of President George Washington during his first Presidential Address: “propitious smiles of heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right, which Heaven itself has ordained.”  As a country and a people, let us renew our commitment to these abiding and timeless principles.

Today, I am pleased to join my voice to yours in thanking God for blessing this nation with great power and responsibility.  With reverence, humility, and thanksgiving, we beg for His continued guidance and protection.

Fox News has more details:

Evangelist Franklin Graham is leading a prayer march Saturday in Washington, D.C. that will seek God's healing for a nation in crisis.

"I think our country is in trouble, and Democrats will tell you that, Republicans will tell you that. ... We're coming today to call upon the name of God, because I believe only God can fix the problems that we face in this nation today," Graham said on "Fox & Friends Weekend" ahead of the march.

Graham, president of Samaritan's Purse and the son of the late Billy Graham, organized the 1.8-mile Washington Prayer March 2020, which starts at the Lincoln Memorial at noon and ends at the steps of the Capitol.

Franklin Graham leads a nationwide prayer march, 'Pray for America'Video
"My prayer is for healing -- that Jesus Christ, God's son, as a nation we would turn our eyes back to him. You know, 150 years ago, your pastors, the churches, were the political leaders in every community," Graham told co-host Pete Hegseth.

Recalling nationwide protests during the Vietnam War, Graham believes the nation is even more divided today.

"We need a spiritual healing in this country and only God can do that," the evangelical leader said.

Graham laments that the church and its leaders have been marginalized today.

"I believe the socialists in this country would like to shut the churches, but I'm going to just pray that we will turn our eyes to God ...," he said.

"We're coming today, from all states ... to pray, to humble ourselves, to confess the sins of our nation to God, to ask for his forgiveness, and to call on him, to help our nation, and we're going to pray for our representatives. Republican, Democrat, we're going to pray for all of them."

Watch Franklin Graham:


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