Biden Suffers Another Brain Fart on Live TV, Says Only 1% of PPP Money Has Gone Out


It's just painful watching Joe.

Even with teleprompters and ear pieces (alllllllegedly……….!) he still fumbles nearly every interview or even solo piece.

Another gaffe to add to the reel today as he first says only 1% of PPP money has gone out (which is not even close to true, even the far-left "fact checkers" can't back you up on that one Sleepy Joe!).

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Then he tries to correct himself saying he was referring to a different program that he can't remember.

The host finally has to jump in and feed him the line.

So sad.

THIS is the guy who thinks he can protect America from China and Russia?

Are you freaking kidding me?

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Think that was bad?

It might not have even been his worst gaffe of the day.

Check this one out:

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