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Ilhan Omar Admits Plan in New Book, Writes “I’m going to burn down everything around me”


One has to wonder why we’re letting in people who hate our country.

And why are electing them to our government?!

I’m talking about Ilhan Omar here, member of the infamous Squad.

She doesn’t belong in Congress.

Her latest book makes that even more clear.

Just take a look at her response to a question by a New York Times reporter:

There’s a section of your book where — well, I’ll quote it directly: “I am, by nature, a starter of fires. My work has been to figure out where I’m going to burn down everything around me by adding the fuel of my religion, skin color, gender or even tone.” Couldn’t that kind of language be interpreted as a form of demagoguery? Why is it helpful to express yourself in those terms rather than, say, in terms of building things up? It’s metaphorical. There are many times when people will say, “Something you said has agitated this space.” And it’s like, no, it’s me just showing up that did it. There are times when I will choose to not show up, because I know that my presence brings about intensity that isn’t going to be helpful. There’s no one else that exists in a space where they have to deal with the hate of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-Blackness, but also with sexism. People will say it’s my “tone.” I’m like, you’re agitated by my tone because you think people like me should be sitting in a corner, not heard and not seen. Everything that comes out of my mouth is going to be filtered through the lens of you despising my existence. That’s the metaphorical adding-of-fire. That was a thing in the primary campaign: Ilhan is divisive. My being given the mic to say anything is angering, regardless of what the hell I say. I could say, “Good morning,” and they’re already angry.

It’s absolutely disgraceful a representative of the United States wants to burn everything down.

And it’s even more disgraceful she admits that she basically used her gender, religion, and race to get what she wants.

Just take a look at what Trump had to say about Omar and her friend AOC at his latest rally:

Even Omar's fellow Democrats barely tolerate her!

According to the New York Post, fellow Minnesota Democrat Representative Collin Peterson says Omar doesn't belong in the party:

Firebrand Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota appears to be rubbing some of her fellow Democrats the wrong way — with one of them declaring she shouldn’t even be in the party.

In a video obtained by The Post, fellow Minnesota Rep. Collin Peterson torched the scandal-scarred progressive lawmaker after previously defending her controversial “Some people did something” remarks about 9/11.

“Do you have any comment as to why you defended Ilhan Omar?” an employee with the National Republican Congressional Committee asked Peterson on Capitol Hill on Thursday.

“I don’t defend her. She doesn’t belong in our party,” the 16-term lawmaker responded.

When asked to clarify himself, a COVID-19-masked Peterson repeated, “She doesn’t belong in our party,” as he walked away.

Omar completely trashes our country, but then gets offended when you question her patriotism:

The people of Minnesota would be wise to vote her out as soon as possible.


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