Joe Biden Botches the Pledge of Allegiance, Fact Checkers Come to His Defense

"I pledge allegiance to the United States of America: one nation, indivisible, under God, for real."


Poor Joe Biden just can’t seem to quite recite the Pledge of Allegiance correctly.

He was so close this time!  

For real!

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Old Joe needn’t worry himself too much though.

“Fact checkers” have come to his defense, and they say his words are taken out of context.

Some heroes don’t wear capes…

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Don't worry Joe, the fact checkers are here to save the day!

Don Lemon says the president's campaign edits clips to make Joe Biden "look confused."

Let's play a fun game.

It's called 'Biden can't remember stuff.'

I'll just leave these here and let the "fact checkers" have at it.

Biden can't remember the Declaration of Independence

Biden can't remember where he's going

Biden can't remember his own name

Biden can't remember what he's running for

Biden can't remember how much his plans costs

Biden can't remember what he's saying

Maybe they should put the Pledge of Allegiance on a teleprompter for 'Sleepy Joe.'

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