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Hysterical Liberals: F-CK RGB FOR NOT RETIRING!!!

For some the Liberal Justice held on just a little too long.


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It was only inevitbale that Leftist activists would find no one but RGB herself to blame for their current predicament in the Supreme Court. 

She could have, afterall, retired long ago after years of ill health and the perfect oppurtinity for Democrats to secure a replacement inder Barack Obama. 

But she stayed, and the rest as they, is history. 

And some the her surviving ideologues are outright enraged. 

In a way, they're right. 

RGB clung to her post despite many signs that she should not have. 

Yet she stayed. 


Because arrogance allowed The Democrats to fool themselves into believing their hold on power was all but guaranteed. 

Hillary was the only choice.

Until Donald Trump pulled off the upset of the century. 

From the Dem perspective, RGB should have resigned but God had other plans. 

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