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Dem Meltdown: “Unkind” Of McConnell To Move Forward With SCOUTUS Nomination

Former Obama aide, Valerie Jarrett is the latest on the Left to muddy the waters on filling RBG's seat.


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It's quite legal, in fact required by the President of the United States to put forth a nomination when a Supreme Court Justice Seat becomes vacant. 

Despite what the left would have you believe, it is quite legal and Constitutionally neccessary. 

That being said, The Dems would have you believe it is not very "nice."

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Yes, that's right. 

Barack Obama ally Valerie Jarrett says it's "unkind" to move forward. 

So do some soul searching people. 

When The Democrats are seeing their grasp on power slipping from their clammy hands, we must remember to be kind, understanding, docile, in the face of their attempts for domination. 


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