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Body Language Expert Analyzes Joe Biden: “Someone is Helping Him” with an Earpiece


Joe Biden recently appeared on a townhall hosted by CNN.

Now, a body language expert has released an analysis of Joe Biden's performance.

Mandy Obrien from Bombards Body Language said two notable things in her analysis of Biden.

First, she said:

Something is wrong.

For anyone who has been following Biden's performance on the campaign trail, that is no surprise.

Something is clearly wrong with Biden's mental faculties.

But her next statement was alarming.

Someone is helping him.

Throughout the video, Obrien analyzes every little thing about Biden's performance.

She analyzes his posture, eye gaze, and even points out what appears to be an ear piece.

She makes a convincing case that perhaps Biden was "coached" during the townhall event on CNN.

See her analysis below:

If Joe Biden did use an earpiece to be coached during the CNN townhall, this wouldn't be the first time he's been caught using one.

Earlier this year, Biden's earpiece fell out during an appearance on CNBC.

According to Breitbart:

Joe Biden suffered an awkward moment on Friday when his earpiece came out of place during an interview and he did not realize it.

During an appearance on CNBC, the device could be seen sticking out of his left ear:

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I get frustrated — not with you: the situation.”

As the host attempted to continue, Biden said, “I’m having trouble hearing you. Can they turn up the volume a little bit for me?”

He turned his head, speaking to someone off camera, and the earpiece pulled farther away.

“I’m having trouble hearing you. I do apologize.”

The host said they would “try to get the volume turned up.”

That's embarrassing!

If the same thing had happened to President Trump, it would have been mocked all over social media!

Body language experts have been analyzing both Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

While Biden appears to be struggling, most body language experts agree that Trump is confident and strong.

The latest high profile analysis of Trump happened during the RNC.

Politico published a body language experts' take on President Trump:

You can also see the contempt conveyed during President Donald Trump’s speech with the pinching of his lips. When you turn the sound on, you hear that he’s talking about mayhem in Democratic cities. But what stands out the most from his performance is the way he leans against the podium. It conveys that this is a very comfortable kind of space for Trump, and you don’t really see it in this kind of public speaking. Normally, a president isn’t this relaxed. It’s more common with smaller groups—for example, a professor speaking to a class might take on this position. He’s not just holding the podium but putting his weight on it, which you can see by the angle of his shoulders. For viewers, the White House is something almost reverent, and we are primed to want to see nonverbal communication consistent with the highest office. When we see behavior like this, it feels discordant and not very presidential.

Obviously, there are people who like that about Trump, who like that he doesn’t adhere to traditional notions of respectability but rather conveys open disdain for Democrats. Is he too cavalier? That’s up to the politics of the viewer. There’s no disagreement that all people are clearly receiving the message he’s giving off.

Basically, even Politico admits that Trump is comfortable in front of crowds.

He also has firm convictions.


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