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WATCH: Black Americans Unload on “Hateful” BLM Movement


Look around at these BLM protests, and you’ll notice a lot of woke white liberals.

It begs the question, do they actually care what black people think?

Probably not. They’re just interested in using black people as pawns to further their liberal agenda.

Take a look at the following video, where black Americans completely unload criticism on BLM:

And black Americans aren't the only ones speaking out.

Attorney General Bill Barr blasted BLM for not really caring about black lives.

Instead, Barr says BLM is more interested in using black people as props.

Check out the story from Fox News:

Attorney General William Barr accused the Black Lives Matter movement of using the issue of Black people shot by police as a tool for a larger political agenda instead of sincerely trying to help those they claim to support.

At an event hosted by Michigan's Hillsdale College on Wednesday, Barr was asked about the relationship between the rule of law and economic prosperity. That led to a discussion of crime and Barr's claim that while the concept of "Black lives matter" cannot be argued against, the organization using that slogan has little interest in making Black lives better.

“The rule of law is the foundation of civilization, including economic prosperity. And that's why these so called Black Lives Matter people -- now that as a proposition who can quarrel with the proposition Black lives matter -- but they're not interested in Black lives, they're interested in props," Barr said. "A small number of Blacks were killed by police during conflict with police, usually less than a dozen a year, who they can use as props to achieve a much broader political agenda."

Barr contrasted that with his own position, which he said is "not only keeping people alive, but also having prosperity and flourishing in their communities." He claimed that "most deaths in the inner city of young Black males below the age of 44 -- the leading cause of death is being shot by another Black person. And that's crime."

Ultimately, he said, combating crime is key to improving lives.

“The left likes to talk about dealing with the root causes, but all their solutions depend on peaceful streets at the end of the day," Barr said. "You know, education, after-school activities, all this stuff depends on peace. If your school is run by a gang it’s not going to get you anywhere. And so, as I say, the foundation of all human progress is the rule of law.”

Barr hit the nail on the head.

The key to improving black lives is getting drugs out of their communities and removing crime from their streets.

Not defunding the police and leaving blacks to fend for themselves!

Here's more from the Blaze on what blacks are really saying about BLM:

A viral video is making the rounds across the internet, featuring black anti-Black Lives Matter protesters in various stages of discussion about the movement, what it means to be black in America, and what "black lives matter" really means as a concept.

At the time of this reporting, the video — published on the Daily Wire's Facebook page — has been shared more than 4,000 times.

The video begins with one man passionately speaking out against the Black Lives Matter movement.

Here are some of his key quotes:

"They're full of hate. Nobody listen to them. Don't listen to them. Don't try to understand them. Why? They are full of hate. You don't need it. America don't need it."
"In a black neighborhood, black-on-black crime is real. ... White people aren't doing anything to them."
"White people voted Barack Obama in for eight years. ... Everything that the blacks could be crying about should have did it on his watch. And they didn't."
"I'm black, 52, I'm not oppressed. Ain't nobody oppressing me. America's more free than it's ever been."
"Some little young, 19-year-old black person. 'They been through this.' They ain't been through nothing. They're creating it! They're creating a problem that does not exist like they're talking about!"
"They don't know who they're mad at. Remember, this started with George Floyd. It went from George Floyd to now, it became the white people. Then it went from the white people, now it's the whole system of America. They don't know what they're mad at. They don't know what they're bothered by. ... Don't get caught up in the hype. It's all wrong."
"The only people that's oppressed in this world is people that embrace being oppressed."
"If they are so bothered, why don't they leave and go to Africa or to another country? If you're that bothered with America, pack your stuff, hold a crusade, because I think some of us will put money up and help you leave."

Perhaps it's time the media gave a little more attention to these black people, rather than the BLM radicals currently shoved down our throats.

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