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REMEMBER: “Firefighter Prophet” Said Trump Will Get 5 or Maybe 6 Supreme Court Appointments!

That would be unprecedented!


Many of you know the “Firefighter Prophet” Mark Taylor.

He famously predicted President Trump would become President….way before Trump had even made the announcement he was even running.  

That’s impressive.

Then in 2017 he went on record saying Trump would get FIVE and maybe SIX Supreme Court nominations!

Bold prediction considering he only had two at the time.  

I do believe that would be unprecedented!

The two he already has are Neil Gorsuch and of course Brett Kavanaugh.

Three more would put him at five, which is an official prophecy from Taylor.

You can read all of his prophecies here.

Can you even imagine?

You can listen to the whole interview here, it’s only about 6 minutes but chalked full of amazing things!

Jump to the 2:00 minute mark for where Mark starts talking.




Here is the full prophecy he posted in 2016 to his website:


Do not fear America

The Spirit of God says, "Why do I sense fear in my people about the future ofAmerica? Have I not said that, 'l have heard your cries and will heal your land?' 

Standfirm! Do not falter, put on the full armor of God! Rake the enemy over the coals, for theend time battle is on for my 1 billion souls!"

The Spirit of God says, "Do not fear that my servant Justice Scalia has been taken, forsome are crying out, why have I forsaken. For I will show myself strong to prove that theso called wise are wrong. 

For some will say that this is a miracle, for I am just gettingstarted, this is not even close to the pinnacle, for what I am going to do with MyAmerica. For do not my people have eyes to see and ears to hear the two signs I gave,when they carried my servant's body up the steps of the courthouse where to rest hewas laid? Read the signs! Read the signs that were for allto see, and understand thewords in this prophecy."

The Spirit of God says, "5, that's right, 5 Supreme Court Justices will be appointed bymy new president, my anointed. I will choose 5 through my anointed to keep thosealive. I will stack the court with those that I choose, to send a clear message to theenemy, that you lose! This is the miracle that I will perform, so that MY COURT will bereformed."

The Spirit of God says, "The cries, the cries that I have heard from the womb, havereached my eyes and ears like a sonic boom! The five I appoint and the reform thatshall take place, the great I AM shall take on this case! For it is my will and my way forall those that have prayed, that MY COURT SHALL OVERTURN ROE VS WADE!

The Spirit of God says, "America, get ready, for I AM choosing from the top of thecream, for I AM putting together America's dream team, from the president and hisadministration, to judges and congress to ease Americas frustrations!"

The Spirit of God says, "Rise up my Army and get in the fight, for this is the generationthat's taking flight. This is the generation of warriors that those of old wanted to see,and the enemy will have no choice but to flee. Rise up! Stomp the enemies head withbliss; send the enemy back to Hell and into the abyss. 

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This is the generation of warriorsthat all of Hell has feared to face and see, but I AM and all of Heaven is cheering you onwith glee!"Your Supreme Commander, GOD

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Do you think Taylor is right?

Will we get to five? 

Or six?

If you want more from Taylor, here are two more wonderful videos:


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