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Joe Biden Attempts to Demonstrate His Reading and Math Skills at Michigan Rally


Over the last few weeks, the Trump campaign has been raising serious questions about Joe Biden's cognitive decline.

The Biden campaign has claimed that nothing is wrong with sleepy Joe.

But Biden's latest stop in Warren, Michigan has caught everyone's attention.

Biden attempted to read hand written notes at the rally.

However, he badly bumbled through the notes.

He struggled to read the words and messed up the numbers multiple times.

During the speech, Biden claimed that COVID has infected:

Six Thousand Three Hundred Forty-Four Thousand Seven Hundred


That's not a real number!

See Joe Biden demonstrate his reading and math skills (or lack thereof) below!

During the DNC, the Democratic party attempted to cover for Biden by claiming that he has a "speech impediment."


Funny how that "speech impediment" suddenly came out of nowhere.

That was the first time we ever heard about it... despite the fact that Biden has been in Washington for decades!

Howie Carr at the Boston Herald claims that Biden is continuously losing his notes, as well as his mind:

Only 16 days to the first presidential debate, and Dementia Joe Biden is resting up this weekend after a hard week of hitting the road, Jack.

Only one problem for Joe: Whenever he ventures outside his basement, he often loses stuff — his mind, his train of thought or at least his notes.

All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“I carry with me — I don’t have it. I gave it, I gave it to my staff. I carry it with me in my pocket a — do I have that around anyone? Where’s my staff? I gave it away anyway …”

He must have found something, because soon he began reading — or trying to read — some statistics. Numbers are not Dementia Joe’s forte, to put it mildly.

This day, he kept repeating the word “military.” But the actual virus numbers were for Michigan, the state he was in, in addition to his perpetual state of confusion.

Perhaps his handlers wrote “MI,” assuming that even someone as simple as Joe Biden could put two and two together. If so, they were misinformed.

“U.S. COVID-infected military uh excuse me U.S. COVID-infected in America, six thousand 344,700 U.S. COVID deaths one thousand 189,506. Military COVID-infected 118,984. Military COVID deaths 6114.”

Actually, Mr. Vice President, the military’s death toll is exactly seven. The fatalities in Michigan, where you were babbling, is actually closer to that six-thousand figure.

Way off, but this is a guy who’s earlier pegged the number of deaths in the panic as 120 million (at the time it was 120,000).

He has also claimed that 150,000,000 Americans have been killed by firearms since 2007, but let’s move on to his proposals for tax rates.

“If you change the tax rate it went from 38 percent to 21. If you just send it back to 20 uh — 38%, um, if you — 36% to 28, that’s what we started trying to do.”

When Slow Joe is up there on that debate stage in Cleveland, it will be must-see TV, if only to hear his positions on assorted issues at that particular moment.

Remember: Biden was against fracking before he was for fracking. He was for mandatory masks before he was against mandatory masks. He was for defunding the police before he was against defunding the police. He was against the Chinese travel ban before he was for it.

Indeed, all eyes will be on the debates to see how Joe Biden holds up against President Trump.

This is why Trump suggested that they should both be drug tested before the debates!

Biden seemed suddenly awake during his DNC speech, despite the fact that he always is sleepy on the campaign trail.

It definitely raises serious questions about what is happening behind the scenes at the Biden campaign headquarters...

President Trump was elected because of his strength, vision, and love of America.

But if Biden can't answer questions without a teleprompter, how is he supposed to be an actual leader?

No wonder so many people are calling Biden a "puppet!"

According to an editorial in the New York Post:

Wow: Joe Biden’s staff won’t even let him do a “spontaneous” Q&A session without a script. Is he really that far gone?

Obsessive scripting is the only explanation for what happened at last week’s Biden question-and-answer session with AFL-CIO union members, when the candidate responded to a young barista’s query with the non sequitur, “Move it up here” — then paused.

Anyone who’s been following Biden’s travails recognizes those words as a cue to his aides to jog the teleprompter, as he’s done time and again in recent weeks. (Why an experienced politician with a top-notch staff keeps having this trouble is also worrisome.)

Anyway, after the pause, Joe launched into his “off the cuff” response — which was utter boilerplate: “You know, there used to be a basic bargain in this country, that workers shared in the wealth they helped create.” It’s beyond appalling that Biden would need reminding of that trope.

His aides won’t even discuss the elephant in the room.

After the AFL-CIO footage made the rounds, Fox News’ Bret Baier put the obvious question to TJ Ducklo, the campaign’s national press secretary: “Has Joe Biden ever used a teleprompter during local interviews or to answer Q&As with supporters?”

Ducklo ducked the question — repeatedly, before finally saying, “I am not going to allow the Trump campaign to funnel their questions through Fox News and get me to respond to that.”

There’s your answer.

Time and again, teleprompter troubles have exposed the fact that Biden is just reading his lines in what his campaign pretends are real conversations with supporters, like Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf.

He’s not even answering reporters’ questions off the cuff: “Look, Venezuela topline message is . . .” he told an NBC Miami reporter — obviously just reading the talking points he was handed in advance. He’s also given multiple interviews with his eyes down, clearly relying on prepared notes in his lap.

There are no "notes" when you are President of the United States.

Our leaders must be able to make wise decisions.

President Trump is experienced, smart, and wise.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, has made reckless decisions over the years...

And now, there are serious doubts about his mental fitness to be leader of the free world.


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