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Trump Drops BRUTAL Ad on Biden’s Secret Hand Signals for His Teleprompter


President Trump is no longer holding back!

The Trump campaign just released a BRUTAL ad that is going viral on social media.

The ad exposes Joe Biden's teleprompter use.

While politicians regularly use teleprompters to give speeches, Biden appears to be using teleprompters even for interviews!

This suggests that staffers are writing Biden's answers for him!

Even worse… this means that the Biden campaign likely knows the questions in advance.

But the Trump ad didn't stop there.

The ad exposes Joe Biden's secret hand movements.

These hand movements appears to dictate the motion of the teleprompter.

The ad suggests that Biden uses his hands to communicate to the person running the teleprompter.

See the BRUTAL ad for yourself!

Joe Biden's own campaign manager admitted that Joe Biden uses a teleprompter during "interviews."

It turns out that even the interviews are staged!

The clip appeared on Politico.

But the Trump campaign reposted it on their YouTube channel.

For weeks, the Biden campaign has been avoiding questions about the teleprompter.

The reason this issue has become such a hot topic is because people are concerned about Joe Biden's cognitive decline.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Joe Biden's campaign manager, Jen O'Malley Dillon, pivoted when asked about criticism of the Democratic presidential nominee's use of teleprompters during interviews recorded from his home.

"The vice president uses a teleprompter on occasion. You see it [when he's] giving a speech," Dillon told Politico Tuesday. "But he is also out there every day, taking questions from reporters."

Biden engaged with the press "four or five times out on the stump" during his travel last week to New York, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, Dillon said.

"I will put the VP up against Donald Trump and anyone else to make sure that he's talking truth," she said.

Another Biden aide, TJ Ducklo, went viral on social media last week when he told Fox News host Bret Baier he was parroting talking points from President Trump's team after Baier pressed him on the same issue.

Since the coronavirus pandemic forced Biden to campaign mostly from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, Trump's staff have pounced on any mistakes he's made during interviews and events while reading from a teleprompter set up in his makeshift basement and porch studios. During a Labor Day town hall with the AFL-CIO Pennsylvania chapter, he even told a staffer to scroll up his script.

During a wide-ranging conversation in which she discussed her plans for the final 49 days until the election, Dillon was also quizzed on Democrats expressing concern about the state of the race against Trump.

Because of rumors around Joe Biden's cognitive decline, many people are looking forward to the Presidential debates.

The debates are meant to be unscripted.

The questions are supposed to be a secret and a surprise for both campaigns!

Biden recently made an appearance with James Corden.

Corden is an entertainer, not a political journalist.

Because of this, Biden should have been unscripted with Corden.

But even when interacting with a celebrity, it appeared as though Biden was scripted through a teleprompter!

The New York Post confirms that Trump hit Biden over the appearance:

President Trump is reviving the discussion over whether Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden relies on a teleprompter during interviews.

Taking to Twitter Monday, the commander-in-chief first retweeted GOP operative Arthur Schwartz, who called on journalists with mainstream media organizations to question the Biden campaign about alleged teleprompter use.

Included was a screenshot from the former vice president’s April appearance on CBS’ “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” where he got emotional sharing some family photos.

While holding up one of the framed pictures, a reflection could be seen off the glass covering the photo.

The reflection showed a teleprompter turned on, despite the fact that the two men were taking part in a casual interview.

Trump then tweeted of his 2020 rival, “His handlers and the Fake News Media are doing everything possible to get him through the Election. Then he will resign, or whatever, and we are stuck with a super liberal wack job that NOBODY wanted!”

Just after the teleprompter became visible during the interview with Corden, the Democratic presidential hopeful became deeply emotional, something that is common for him when discussing his deceased son, Beau.

Talking about the photo, which showed Biden flanked by his sons, Beau and Hunter, the former vice president began to cry.

“You know, I’m really lucky. I’m really lucky to have great kids, so I was fortunate, fortunate,” Biden said, audibly choking up.

The interview remained emotional, with Biden going on to thank Corden for the conversation and those who had been “so good” to him before going off on extended remarks about “heroes,” without any specifics about whom exactly he was talking about.

If Joe Biden must remain on script, it makes you wonder what his campaign is trying to hide!

Why isn't the public allowed to see the TRUE Joe Biden?

Instead, we must only see the scripted version of his that reads from a teleprompter!

The American people deserve to fully assess their presidential candidates!

Fortunately, President Trump has been extremely transparent from the very beginning.


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