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LA Sheriff Challenges Lebron James to Match Reward for Gunman Who Ambushed Deputies After Candace Owens Blames James for Attack


The gauntlet has been thrown down.

As of this writing, the LAPD is offering $300,000 in rewards to anyone who can help identify the suspect who attempted to assassinate 2 deputies.

The county itself has pledged $100,000.

An additional $200,000 was pledged by individuals and organizations who support the police.

Now, the LA Sheriff is challenging Lebron James to MATCH the reward.


Lebron James has been an outspoken critic of the police.

He claimed that black men are "literally hunted" every time they leave their homes.

He has promoted BLM.

By supporting the LAPD, Lebron James can signal that he supports law, order, and justice.

So far, Lebron James has not responded to the challenge.

More details below:

While Lebron James has been outspoken on cultural issues, so far he has remained silent in the aftermath of the ambush of 2 deputies.

CNN confirms that the LA sheriff issued the challenges to Lebron:

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is challenging NBA superstar LeBron James to step up and help find the gunman who ambushed and shot two deputies.

Villanueva went on the radio show 790KABC on Monday night and challenged James to double the reward money being offered to find the gunman.

On September 12, two L.A. County deputies were shot multiple times in the head and face by an unknown gunman near the MLK Transit Center in Compton. Both deputies survived the attack and remain in the hospital in critical but stable condition, Villanueva said on Monday.

The county has pledged $100,000 in reward money to information that leads to the gunman's arrest and conviction, and two private donors offered an additional $75,000 to help find the shooter, Villanueva said.

If James matches the reward money being offered, that would bring the total to $350,000.

"This challenge is to LeBron James," Villanueva said on the radio. "I want you to match that and double that reward. Because I know you care about law enforcement. You expressed a very, very interesting statement about your perspective on race relations and on officer involved shootings and the impact it has on the African American community, and I appreciate that. But likewise, we need to appreciate the respect for life goes across professions, across races, creeds. And I'd like to see LeBron James step up to the plate and double that."

The LA sheriff's challenge to Lebron James comes after Candace Owens BLAMED James and BLM for the assassination attempt!

In fact, Owens called James a "pea-brained" star!

She outright blamed his and BLM's rhetoric for the shooting.

Things are heating up for Lebron James.

First, it was Candace Owens.

Now, it's the LA sheriff.

James has yet to respond.

The Blaze confirms that Owens completely dunked on Lebron:

Conservative commentator Candace Owens tore into NBA superstar LeBron James for his support of the Black Lives Matter movement's rhetoric following the horrific ambush on two deputies in Los Angeles on Saturday evening.

Two sheriff's deputies were shot in an unprovoked attack as they sat in a police cruiser on a Los Angeles street, according to authorities.

Both were "severely wounded" during the incident, and taken to a nearby hospital for emergency surgery.

As they arrived, Black Lives Matter activists reportedly converged on the facility, blocking entrances, demanding the officers be left to die from their grievous injuries.

Several protesters were arrested during the fracas.

Referring to the weekend's attack on the sheriffs, Owens on Sunday said that James — who once insisted that black men are "literally hunted" every time they leave their homes — is complicit in antagonizing anti-cop activists.

Owens — author of "Blackout: How Black America Can Make Its Second Escape from the Democratic Plantation" — asked, "Why does this happen? Because pea-brained celebrities that are idolized like @KingJames tell young black men that they are 'literally being hunted.' This is the natural result of such hyperbolic, dishonest rhetoric."
"The racist, anti-police, black lives matter LIE is to blame," she insisted.

The conservative commentator later wrote, "Why else does this happen? Because when pea-brained athletes put the name of an alleged RAPIST on their helmets and jerseys, criminals begin believing they are acting as heroes."

Later on Sunday, Owens spoke to Mark Levin during an appearance on Fox News' "Life, Liberty, & Levin," where she said James's apparent outrage over white privilege and racism was overblown and misplaced.

"He's got a white gardener, a white chef, all various white people that work for him, white driver," she said. "So if that's racism, LeBron, please, please share some of that with the rest of us."

The conservative also said that many celebrities privately correspond with her, and allegedly admit to being closeted conservatives who live in fear of losing their affluent positions in Hollywood.

"If I opened my inbox and showed you the amount of celebrities that have written to me privately, that silent majority that we're always talking about, they've written to me and said, 'I'm finally starting to see the truth. I can't stand being in Hollywood. I'm not allowed to use my voice to say what I actually believe," Owens told Levin.

She added, "These are the same celebrities that are actually posting the black squares on Instagram and saying 'We must care about black lives.' And they're saying they're doing it basically under duress because if they don't, they'll lose their entire careers."


Those are incredibly strong words.

As a leader in the black community, we hope that more voters listen to Candace Owen's words of wisdom.

She is shining a light on the truth, and we hope that more people see it.

For too long, the left have been able to control the narrative thanks to their allies in entertainment and sports.

Fortunately, a new generation of voices is speaking out for the TRUTH!


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