Hilarious Video: Joe Biden Waves To An Empty Field!


Okay, this is sad and funny at the same time!

Joe Biden as he was arriving in Tampa, Florida, tried to replicate President Trump but failed miserably.

As he was getting off his plan he turned to his left side while walking down the stairs and started waving to an empty field!

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No one was in sight!

In the distance, there were just some  fire trucks, ambulances, and police cruisers.

Just look at the videos below I’m sure you’ll get a laugh out of them!

When Trump comes out of Air Force One he always has a massive crowd greeting him.

When Biden gets off his plane there’s no one to greet him and I’m sure if that field could vote it wouldn’t be for him!

Many people at this point believe Joe Biden is completely incapable mentally to be President and I agree.

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Don’t just keep this gem to yourself.

Show someone else today Joe Biden’s hilarious blunder.

I still can’t believe it!

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