Video: Michigan Patriots Have A MAGA Dance Party!


M A G A!

A  Patriots for Trump Rally in Sterling Heights, Michigan broke out in a dance to the YMCA tune except it was remixed to say MAGA.

The leader of the dance party was none other than Ricky Rebel who has been throwing pro-Trump dance parties across America.

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This video will brighten up your day!

This isn’t Ricky’s first time dancing for Trump.

He recently was dancing at a pro-Trump rally in Beverly Hills and was confronted by BLM protesters.

Instead of inciting violence, he started to dance.

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Why light fires and burn down family-owned businesses when you can dance to show your political point.

Ricky Rebel uses his gift of singing and dancing to bring more people to support Trump.

In this 2020 election Trump supporters everywhere must use their gifts and abilities to get others to vote for Trump in November.

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