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Passenger Kicked Off Flight After Bizarre Rant About White Privilege and Masks


A passenger was kicked off an Spirit airplane after refusing to obey safety protocols.

When the flight attendant asked her to sit down, the lady lowered her face mask then began shouting at the flight attendant.

The passenger went on a bizarre rant about "white privilege" and even suggested that the flight attendant was a government plant!

But that's the tame part!

Towards the end of her rant, the lady started claiming that she is a "queen" from California.

Yeahhhh, ok.

See the bizarre incident below!

Here's the best part, when the cops came, the lady realized that the police officer was black!

She couldn't accuse HIM of having "white privilege."

But she still refused to obey orders.

Passengers posted the incident on Twitter:

Despite the altercation, which went over 5 minutes long, the self-proclaimed "Queen of California" was eventually taken off the flight.

The New York Post confirms:

A passenger was removed from a Spirit flight for being a royal pain — after claiming she is a queen from California during a tirade about white privilege and a trip to the toilet, according to a report.

The unidentified black woman got up to use the bathroom at the back of the plane after it landed in Sacramento last week, Fox News reported.

A passenger’s video captured the woman arguing with a flight attendant who was trying to get to the front of the aircraft.

“Don’t push me,” she says. “Did you see what she did? She put her hands at me. She wants me to go to jail, y’all. See how she’s antagonizing me?”

The woman, whose mask hangs below her chin, then tells the crew member that she has “white privilege.”

“It’s over with — it’s 2020. Wake up, you got a mask on. So you’re under the government, too. You’re confined and you don’t have white privilege anymore,” she says.

“I’m a queen … California,” she continues. “She was from a black queen.”

The woman then directs her ire at a fellow passenger, who tells her to just go to the bathroom.

“You go to the bathroom!” she responds. “You shut up and stay in your lane! You got nothing to do with this, little girl. I’m not talking to you. Listen to your mama.”

She then turns back to the flight attendant.

“You don’t run America. You run yourself,” she says.

The passenger has yet to be identified.

Many observers are warning that the extremist views of some members of the BLM movement are what encouraged her behavior.

Despite the fact that the incident had nothing to do with race, the lady in the video began invoking race to assert her "dominance."

People on social media are warning that this is a direct consequence of BLM.

The media likes to pretend that only Trump supporters are anti-mask.

However, it is clear that this lady is not a conservative...

And she is VERY anti-mask based on the altercation.

According to Fox News:

An unidentified passenger was recorded during a racially tinged rant while not wearing a mask on a Spirit Airlines flight last week.

According to a report, the plane had landed in Sacramento when the woman got up to use the bathroom at the back of the plane.

In the video, a flight attendant is seen arguing with the woman about needing to get to her door. The altercation appears to begin when the flight attendant attempts to move past the passenger in the aisle and she says, “don’t push me."

"Ok, excuse me, I need to get," the flight attendant can be heard saying before she appears to push the woman's backpack.

“Did you see what she did? She put her hands at me. She wants me to go to jail, y’all. See how she’s antagonizing me?” the passenger says.

The passenger continued to claim the flight attendant was “getting aggressive” with her as she refused to move out of the aisle.

In the tense clip, the passenger, who is a Black woman, gets into an argument with another passenger whom she refers to as “White privilege.”

“What do I got to listen to? Are you my boss? You're White privilege, you are not my boss. Sit down! You are White privilege, sit down! You wait for me to get to my bathroom. Have respect for me,” the woman is heard saying.

“You have a mask on, you’re in the government, too, you’re confined, and you don’t have White privilege anymore,” the passenger, who has her mask pulled under her chin, says to the flight attendant in the video. “I’m a Queen from California.”

Eventually, an officer comes to escort the woman off of the flight.

If a Trump supporter did this, the media would be covering it 24/7.

But this goes against the media's narrative of "peaceful protesters."


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