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NFL Sunday Night Football Ratings Down Almost 30% From Last Year Amid NFL’s Social Justice Movement

"Get woke, go broke."


NFL ratings are taking a nosedive thanks to the league’s continuous push for social justice and anti-American propaganda.

Early indication shows that the NFL’s ‘Sunday Night Football’ ratings have taken almost a 30% hit in comparison to last year. 

Americans are fed up.

They’re sick of being lied to.

They’re sick of being called racist.

They’re sick of the anti-American propaganda.

They’re sick of criminals being heralded as heroes while heroes are unjustly villified.

Yahoo Sports has the latest on the NFL's ratings woes:

Initial ratings are in for the NFL’s Sunday slate of games, and the ratings decline evident from Thursday’s kickoff continued through to the league’s marquee telecast, “Sunday Night Football.” (Further ratings for other games are not yet available.)

In a tight matchup that featured one of the NFL’s top draws, “Sunday Night Football” saw sharp declines in initial ratings from 2019, according to initial results reported by Deadline. Sunday night’s Rams-Cowboys game notched a 4.7 in early ratings among the most prized demographic, adults 18-49, with 14.81 million viewers. Those numbers will rise as West Coast viewership is factored in, but at the moment, it’s a steep decline from 2019 numbers.

Last year’s New England Patriots-Pittsburgh Steelers game had a total audience of 22.2 million television viewers and a total of 22.7 million with digital viewers added in, a total roughly equal to 2018’s game.

Once again: early ratings are always lower than final totals, which include the West Coast — notable given that the Rams were one of last night’s teams — late respondents and out-of-home viewership. Even so, it’s unlikely the NFL will find enough as-yet-uncounted viewers to turn this kind of loss into a ratings victory.

The NFL had hopes that America's team, the Dallas Cowboys, would help break the ratings slide.

that just didn't happen...

America is sending a very simple message to the NFL and their peers:

"We don't need you."

Fox News host Jimmy Failla thinks the NFL needs to call an audible:

The NFL kicked off Sunday with zero fans in the stands. It was a jarring sight unless you’re a Jets fan, in which case it looked like your average December home game, albeit with fewer people being talked down from the roof.

The good news for the league is fans may be able to return to stadiums later this season if social distancing measures ease up. The bad news is many of them won’t because they’re exasperated from the ongoing social justice crusade in pro sports.

A recent Gallup Poll found that for the first time ever, the sports industry has a negative image among U.S. adults, with just 30% viewing pro sports positively while 45% viewed them negatively. For anyone who doesn’t think protests are a driving force, these numbers represent a 30% decline in the league’s favorability rating from a year ago.

None of this is good news to me. I absolutely love watching sports. I spent most of my 20s paying my rent (and not paying it) from gambling on them. For that reason, I’m not going to write the zillionth column of the year bashing players for exercising their First Amendment right. But I am going to make a good-faith suggestion that they run a different play because the current one isn’t working.

Ratings were down 16% for the NFL’s season opener on Thursday. If that weren’t enough of a wakeup call for the Wide World of Activist Sports, a Hill-Harris poll found 38% of fans say they’re watching fewer NBA games because of “the increased politicization of the sport.”

Yes, as shocking as this might sound to the generation that’s turned “Sports Center” into “Woke Center,” the reason most people tune into a sporting event is that they REALLY love watching sports. We don’t turn to pro athletes to tell us there are injustices in the world, we turn to them to provide us a badly needed escape from them.

Right now, sports isn’t providing that escape, which explains why the average fan looks more lost than Joe Biden without a teleprompter.

All of that could change if pro sports returned to what they were in their heyday – a piece of common culture that allows us to put our differences aside and remember that at the end of the day, we’re all Americans who love a good ball game.

I’m not asking players to abandon their admirable quest to improve the quality of life for Black Americans.

I’m asking them to stop bashing the country that’s enabled NFL players to earn an average salary of $2.7 million a year and the NBA to earn an average of $7.7 million and invest more of those riches in low-income communities where the lack of economic opportunity directly correlates to higher rates of violent crime.

I’m asking them to increase investments in the broken education systems that have been failing inner-city kids for far too long.

I’m asking them to stop telling the Black community you’re with them and show them you’re with them.

Protests haven’t improved anyone’s life and they certainly haven’t pushed Washington any closer to passing police reform. Democrats refused to negotiate the Justice Act put forth by South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott, which means for all the noise being made about the issue, nothing is being done.

Perhaps instead of symbolic gestures, players could push Democratic leadership to act before the election because if we’re really going to take this movement seriously, the people should come before the politics.

Americans are sick of the politics which have overtaken professional sports.

People tune in to the NFL for two big reasons:

Number 1:  They love football.

Number 2:  They want an escape from the craziness of the world as presented to them by fake news stations such as CNN and MSNBC.

Now, Sunday Night Football feels a lot like watching Don Lemon.

The NFL's insistance on making heroes out of criminals, and criminals out of heroes, only serves to turn fans away in higher numbers.


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