Watch: Hundreds of Trump Supporters Have A Trump Boat Parade on Lake Mead in Nevada

Watch: Hundreds of Trump Supporters Have A Trump Boat Parade on Lake Mead in Nevada

This is really a phenomenon!

Almost every weekend there are boat parades in support of President Trump.

This time a boat parade occurred on Lake Mead in Nevada.

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Hundreds of people showed up in support of President Trump and waved their Trump 2020 flags proudly.

Maybe Trump isn’t leading the polls because all his voters are either working or on the water!


NBC 3 Las Vegas covered the parade and reported these details:

Ahead of President Trump’s arrival Sunday in Nevada, supporters took to the waters of Lake Mead for a boat parade.

Almost a thousand people RSVP’d for the boat parade at the Lake Mead Hemingway launch ramp.

Similar events can be seen across the country. Vessels strapped with flags, the onboard patriots were drawn together on the waterways for a cause. Their support for President Donald Trump.

“We had to go through a pretty hefty permit process, took about three weeks.” Organizer Brian Bandy said he barely secured the first amendment permit one day before the parade.

The permit, allowing large groups of over 25 people to express freedom of speech, religion, press, and public assembly but has to be regulated by the National Park Service.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal also covered the Trump Boat Parade check out what they had to say:

About 750 boats and jet skis were drawn to an hourlong parade Saturday afternoon across Lake Mead in support of President Donald Trump.

Lake Mead National Recreational Area spokeswoman Christie Vanover, who provided the estimated number of vessels “in and around the parade,” said the event started about 12:15 p.m., and the lead boat announced it was over about 1:10 p.m.

One boat took on water during the parade, and officials had to help the boaters to shore. No one was injured, Vanover said. It was not immediately clear why the boat started taking on water.

There were three other “boater assist” calls to officials, two before the parade and one during. None of the calls, which are normally due to mechanical errors, was for a serious incident, she said.

The group was  granted a First Ammendment right on Friday to hold the large gathering at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Vanover said. The permit, which was scheduled to last until 3:30 p.m. was for up to 500 vessels.

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Even French Bulldogs were supporting Trump on the water!

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