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Trump Train Responds To BLM Hate and Violence With a Dance Party! M-A-G-A!


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I guarantee this will be one of the best things you'll see all day.

When BLM brought their hate and  violence to a peaceful Trump Rally in Beverly Hills, the Trump Deplorables led by Ricky Rebel didn't respond with more hate and violence.

They responded….with a dance party!

Set to the tune of YMCA, they turned it in to M-A-G-A and they overtook the streets with a positive message!

THIS is how you respond to the hate and evil of BLM.

THIS is how we win the argument.  

Which future do you want for America….

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BLM's hatred, violence, rioting and looting?  And cities burning?

Or this:

The comments are nothing short of 100% positive for Ricky Rebel and everyone in attenance:

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