Trump Train Responds To BLM Hate and Violence With a Dance Party! M-A-G-A!


I guarantee this will be one of the best things you'll see all day.

When BLM brought their hate and  violence to a peaceful Trump Rally in Beverly Hills, the Trump Deplorables led by Ricky Rebel didn't respond with more hate and violence.

They responded….with a dance party!

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Set to the tune of YMCA, they turned it in to M-A-G-A and they overtook the streets with a positive message!

THIS is how you respond to the hate and evil of BLM.

THIS is how we win the argument.  

Which future do you want for America….

BLM's hatred, violence, rioting and looting?  And cities burning?

Or this:

NATIONAL POLL: Would You Like To See "The Squad" Voted Out of Office?

The comments are nothing short of 100% positive for Ricky Rebel and everyone in attenance:

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