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MASSIVE Latinos for Trump Parade in Miami as Florida Poll Numbers Surge


A MASSIVE Latinos for Trump caravan has taken Miami by storm!

It looks like the Trump coalition is growing BIGGER and bigger every day!

While the polls suggest that Biden is leading nationally, the media is ignoring the enthusiasm behind President Trump.

They made this mistake in 2016…

And it appears they're making it again.

The Latinos for Trump rally comes as President Trump's poll numbers are SURGING in the swing state of Florida.

Some polls even suggest that MORE latinos support Trump over Biden!

This is despite the fact that the media and their allies in the Democratic party have attempted to paint Trump as a "racist."

The reality is that Florida Latinos escaped from socialism and communism.

They know the threat of the Democratic party.

They want the FREEDOM that America provides.

And they know that President Trump will protect and defend that freedom!

See the awe inspiring footage below:

Of course...

There was hardly any media coverage.

The mainstream media doesn't want other minority groups to know that Latinos in Florida are supporting President Trump in HUGE numbers!

Even ABC News confirms that Biden is behind in Florida:

With the presidential election less than two months away, former Vice President Joe Biden and running mate Sen. Kamala Harris are lagging in polls of Latino voters in the battleground state of Florida.

Latino advocates say that's because the Democratic party isn’t doing enough to court this key demographic.

"In many ways this is a wakeup call for Democrats, there has been consistently under-outreach to Latino voters including in battleground states," said Clarissa Martinez de Castro, deputy vice president of policy and advocacy at UnidosUS, the country’s largest Latino civil rights and advocacy organization. "I think many times not only are they taken for granted, but they’re expected to come out and support Democratic candidates even if there’s very little outreach. We keep saying that’s a failing strategy and I think we’re seeing some of that right now."

The Pew Research Center projects that Latinos will be the largest group of non-white eligible voters in 2020, but recent polling shows Biden losing ground with Latino communities in Florida, where there are approximately 3.1 million eligible Latino voters from diverse backgrounds and countries like Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela. In a state that’s historically won by thin margins, Biden’s pull with Latinos there could mean the difference between Florida going for Trump or Biden.

Political ads have saturated the airwaves and digital spaces in the Sunshine State, and although Biden seems to be slightly outspending Trump in Spanish-language ads, advocates say it’s unclear if that’s working to sway the vote in his direction.

PHOTO: Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris meets with people at Amaize restaurant, Sept. 10, 2020, in Doral, Fla.
Lynne Sladky/AP
Lynne Sladky/AP
Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris meets with people at Amaize...Read More
Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris meets with people at Amaize restaurant, Sept. 10, 2020, in Doral, Fla.
An NBC News/Marist poll, released on Sept. 8 is the latest to show Trump gaining ground with Latinos in the state, with 50% of Latinos showing support for the president over Biden’s 46%. A Quinnipiac poll released on July 23 showed Biden with 50% and Trump at 33% percent of support among Latinos in the state.

Advocates say that although polls can fluctuate as the election nears, when compared with the last presidential election, Biden is underperforming with Latinos in Florida. Clinton lost Florida to Trump by 1% in 2016 but defeated him among Latinos there 62% to 35%, according to exit polls.

"Trump may not need to win an overwhelming majority of Latino voters in Arizona or Florida, but he needs to be competitive and try to diminish the Biden lead in those two places. The flip side of that is that Biden needs to match or probably best the level of support that Clinton achieved," said Martinez de Castro.

Democratic strategist and former senior adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders Chuck Rocha says the Biden campaign and outside Democratic Super PACs are not spending enough money to reach Latinos in Spanish.

The Biden campaign started airing Spanish-language ads across the country as early as March this year, but a more aggressive ad campaign targeting Latino voters began in June, when the campaign started airing ads on Spanish-language stations like Univision and Telemundo.

Since June, the Biden campaign has spent $62.3 million on ads in Florida with roughly $3.6 million going to Spanish-language stations. In comparison, the Trump campaign has spent a total of $63.1 million on television ads in Florida. Of that, $3.3 million has gone to running ads on Spanish-language stations like Univision and Telemundo.

Bloomberg is spending $100 million in Florida.

He would not be doing that unless President Trump were ahead.

Fortunately, we know that money isn't everything.

Bloomberg spent millions in the Democratic primary...

We know how that turned out for him...


Multiple mainstream outlets are confirming that Trump is seeing a statewide boost in Florida, especially among Latinos.

According to NBC News:

Facing uproar over numbers showing President Donald Trump is making headway with Florida Latino voters, the Joe Biden campaign said it has been polling and targeting Hispanics more than any previous presidential campaigns in its race to contain Republican gains.

Matt Barreto, who took a break from the Latino Decisions polling firm he founded to join the Democratic nominee's campaign, told NBC News the campaign recently conducted a poll of 1,800 Latinos in Florida. By comparison, for Hillary Clinton's campaign in 2016, Barretto polled about 600 Hispanics in the state.

The increased polling “gives us the ability to look at Latino voters the same way we have been looking at white voters over the years, which is to microtarget them, break them down into different groups — those without a college degree, those who are married — we’re now bringing that level of sophistication to the Latino community,” he said.

The added investment allows the campaign to tailor its digital ads and mailers for the many subgroups of Latino voters, hitting on issues more important to them or in ways that resonate with them.

It's part of a scramble for votes in the key battleground state that has the campaigns dividing up Latino voters by their countries of origin and playing to their cultural differences.

The Biden campaign declined to release its poll's findings, but is holding up the deep dive on Latino voters as evidence of how seriously focused it is on Florida. The campaign has been dealing with a week of panic from Democrats stirred up by polls showing Trump has stronger Hispanic support in the state than he had in 2016, even though Biden leads in the state overall.

Experts attribute Trump’s bolstered Latino backing to expanded support among Cuban American voters and Venezuelan Americans.

A Bendixen & Amandi/Miami Herald poll of 500 voters from Miami-Dade, where most of the state’s Cuban American voters live, showed Trump with a 38-point lead over Biden with Cuban American voters. With Hispanic voters overall, they each take about half the vote in the area.

In 2016, while Clinton won the overall Latino vote with 62 percent, slightly more than half of Cuban Americans, 54 percent, voted for Trump.

If the constant media attacks have driven Latinos TOWARDS Trump in Florida, it makes you wonder what else is going unreported across the country.

This will be a tough election.

But Trump remains a STRONG and favorable underdog.

We will surprise the media pundits once again!


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