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NY Times Reporter Complains Trump Campaign Booted Her Out of Rally!


Memo to New York Times reporter Kathy Gray….this is an “invite only” party and you’re not invited!


You just gotta love our President.

Never afraid to be “politically incorrect”.

Always trusting his gut.

Acting like a REAL human being, not a robot politician.

What would you do if you had a whiney New York Times reporter at your campaign rally complaining about it on Twitter?

Give her the boot!

And that’s exactly what the Trump campaign did!

They tracked her down by looking at the angle of the photo she posted on Twitter, found her, and then escorted her sorry ass right off the problem!


Man, I love this guy!

So here was one of her original Tweets whining about the event:

Next she posted this one which has since been deleted:

From the picture attached, Trump officials tracked her down and gave her DAS BOOT!

Here was her next tweet talking about how she got ejected, which she has also now deleted:

Even though she deleted the Tweets, Google still has a record of them:

And so do our friends at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine:

You gotta love technology!

Also, someone grabbed a screencap before it was deleted:

Deadline had more details to report:

A New York Times reporter said she was kicked out of Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Michigan, after posting on social media about the crowds and the lack of masks among the thousands of attendees.

Kathy Gray wrote on social media that the Trump campaign “tracked me down from the picks I tweeted and escorted me out.”

According to a source with the Trump campaign, Gray had not applied for credentials through the normal process, was in the general audience acting as a reporter. Their rule is that reporters must stay in the designated press area shortly before the president’s arrival and for the duration of his stay. The reporter  was told she could stay in the general admission area, but not while reporting, and she declined. The reporter was then asked to leave the event, the source said.

“We’re disappointed that the Trump campaign refused to credential our freelancer and then, when she registered and attended as a member of the public, they ejected her from the event,” said the Times’ VP, Communications Danielle Rhoades Ha, of Gray, a well known former political reporter for the Detroit Free Press. “Our goal is to cover these campaign events and talk to voters about the candidates, and that’s what Kathy was trying to do.”

Contrary to what a Trump campaign source alleges, Gray was not offered the opportunity to remain at the rally, we are now hearing.

Trump has long railed against the “fake news’ media as the “enemy of the people,” but this is not the first time journalist have been booted out of a Trump event or the Trump White House. Back in 2016, the Trump campaign banned reporters from The Washington Post, Politico, BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post at various points from campaign events and press conferences.

Since he became president, Trump’s team have tried to revoke or suspend the credentials of CNN’s Jim Acosta and Playboy‘s Brian Karem, but federal judges have ordered that their access be restored.

At the event, Trump called Biden “the worst presidential candidate in the history of presidential politics.” “Can you imagine if I lost to him?” Trump said. “Don’t do that to me, Michigan.”

Hey Kathy, since you got booted, you can watch the Rally on YouTube right here....

We got ya covered!

Enjoy: 😂


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