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Reload: Ammo Shortages Spread Across The Country

With increasing unrest in major cities and politicians virtually cheering the riots on, private citizens are buying guns and ammo at a record rate.


We don't have the 2nd Amendment because the Founding Fathers liked to shoot skeet or hunt their dinners. 

We have the 2nd Amendment because Mayors like Ted Wheeler in Portland come along and allow their citizens to be terrorized by mobs and tyrants. 

And there ain't enough ammo to keep up with the demand for self defense.

From Breitbart News:

An ammo shortage is being witnessed nationwide as Americans react to civil unrest by buying up firearms and the ammunition needed to use them for self-defense.

Gun store shelves in Arizona, long covered with box upon box of ammunition for sale, now host but a smattering of ammunition, and at a much higher price because of the product’s scarcity.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports the same shortage is evident throughout Minnesota.

Oakdale gun store owner David Bean said, “Manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand anymore. The industry’s never been hit this hard before.”

And Stock & Barrel Gun Club executive vice president Kevin Vick observed, “[People] have seen firsthand that law enforcement is not always going to be there to protect them.”

West Texans are witnessing the same run on ammunition. Davo Rittenberry, owner of Amarillo’s Riverfields gun store, talked to Breitbart News about the way ammunition comes in and is gone almost immediately. Customers are waiting on it to hit the shelves.

Remember, the shortage in ammunition comes as background checks for gun sales were at record-setting levels for eight straight months. In other words, a record for monthly background checks was set every month January 2020 through August 2020.

Guns need ammunition, thus the surge in sales nationwide has led to a run on ammunition that goes beyond Arizona and Minnesota; a run that has left depleted ammunition supplies nationwide."

And from Pew Pew Tactical:

The people stocking up on tactical supplies are not just gun enthusiasts or survivalists, but also first-time customers who are making long trips for rifle- and handgun-caliber ammunition, only to discover that supply chains have run dry.

Public Relations Specialist and self-professed “gun guy” Roy Hill has never seen demand quite this high in his almost-9 years with Brownells, a leading supplier of firearm accessories and ammunition.

On the Brownells website, only 2% of their handgun models and roughly 3% of their rifle models are currently in stock.

With these numbers, it’s only inevitable that the company’s most popular handgun, rifle, and shotgun ammunition options are likewise sold out.

“Lots of companies in the industry are slammed. For example, if Company X is inside a state with strict COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s hard for Company X to manufacture any products, much less keep up with this very high level of demand. And if Company X also supplies components or parts for Companies A, B, and C? Well, the challenges just multiply.”

Hill foresees that demand will remain high as Americans advance into one of the most contentious and pivotal election seasons in this country’s history.

But he advises customers to keep checking the Brownells website, as the company is constantly working with vendors and suppliers to meet this unprecedented national demand."

Is there any coincidence that the same party that wants to defund your police and let paramilitary groups run wild also wants to take away your guns?

I think not. 


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