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Brutal Trump Campaign Ad Shows Biden Botching the Debates


Are you excited for the presidential debates?

We are too.

And the Trump campaign is certainly eager to expose Sleepy Joe to the American public.

The latest Trump campaign ad is absolutely brutal.

It shows Joe Biden appearing "virtually" for a presidential debate.

Not only that… the ad also mocks Biden for his own gaffes and stumbles against a STRONG president Trump.

Watch it for yourself below:

This ad showcases how important the debates are to both candidates.

The Trump campaign is hoping to leverage the debates against Joe Biden.

According to The Hill:

The Trump campaign is already looking forward to the first presidential debate at the end of the month, eyeing the one-on-one format with Democratic nominee Joe Biden as the best remaining chance to sway voters toward the president.

Trump and Biden will square off for the first time on Sept. 29 in Cleveland. The pandemic-altered campaign season, which has left the candidates with fewer opportunities to meet voters face-to-face, has put an even greater emphasis on the debates.

Even after getting a slight boost after the Republican National Convention, Trump still trails Biden in the polls by a healthy margin nationally, and by a few percentage points in most battleground states.

Trump will likely need a strong performance in the debates to reassure wavering independents and Republicans.

"He is certainly tightening and coming back, and the debates this time will be more important than ever because there aren’t rallies," said Sam Nunberg, an adviser to Trump's 2016 campaign. "I believe they will be more watched because more people are staying home."

The Trump campaign has been aggressive about setting expectations and lobbying for changes to the debates that they believe work in their favor.

Trump had previously criticized the Commission on Presidential Debates, accusing the nonprofit, bipartisan group of bias and raising questions about whether he would participate in the 2020 debates.

But Trump's campaign, seizing on comments from Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and opinion columnists in the media who have argued Biden should avoid the debates, have attempted to sow doubt about whether the former vice president will show up.

All eyes will be on Joe Biden to see how he performs against President Trump.

Many people are even wondering how Biden will fare without a teleprompter.

Millions of people are expected to tune into the Presidential debates.

It's a massive platform, and the Trump campaign understands how important it is to draw a strong distinction between Trump and Sleepy Joe.

Politico reports that the Trump campaign is already prepping on how best "trip up" Biden on the debate stage:

During the 2016 presidential campaign, then-candidate Donald Trump blew off his first round of debate prep.

He refused to do a mock debate with a fake lectern, didn’t want any single person to play Hillary Clinton and wouldn’t simulate the parrying of questions between the moderator and candidates. Prep sessions took the form of a roundtable discussion with a motley crew of advisers, including Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, then-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Fox News host Laura Ingraham, Steve Bannon, Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, with multiple aides posing questions to Trump.

The process was a “total s---show,” Christie later wrote in his book, “Let Me Finish: Trump, the Kushners, Bannon, New Jersey, and the Power of In-Your-Face Politics.” And Trump World largely viewed his first debate against Clinton as a losing performance.

Now the Trump campaign and top advisers want to avoid the same misstep this fall when the president first faces off against former Vice President Joe Biden on Sept. 29.

The Trump team has been studying Biden’s idiosyncrasies in debates and other venues and preparing tactics for Trump, according to interviews with a dozen campaign aides, White House officials and outside advisers. Some have noticed the way he says, “C’mon, man,” whenever he feels frustrated, and they’re trying to identify words or phrases that trigger him to “reboot,” as one person familiar with the planning described it. Essentially, Trump aides are looking for ways to trip up Biden in an effort to spur an incoherent or unsatisfactory response — bolstering a key Trump argument against Biden built around his age.

Biden “did a very effective job at debating the wunderkind that was Paul Ryan in 2012, so I take his knowledge and skills seriously,” said one outside adviser to the Trump campaign. “That said, I do think he's lost a step in the years since then.”

Other aides say they have been watching Biden’s past debate performances for other clues, such as when he is uncomfortable with a question.

“Biden has certain tells when he is not telling the truth, and those are things I have picked up in my review of his debates over the years,” said Jason Miller, a senior adviser to the campaign and one of the key advisers for Trump on the debates. “Biden has been debating for a half-century. He is very good. Part of the reason he is very good is that he gives the same answers over and over again to questions for the last 30 years. But he does have certain tells that he uses when he is not confident in his answer or trying to change the subject or make viewers forget what the actual question is.”

Very quietly, top Trump aides and advisers began to discuss debate prep in early August at the president’s golf resort in Bedminster, N.J. The prep work is expected to ramp up considerably now that the Republican National Convention has concluded.

Polls show the presidential race tightening, particularly in battleground states like North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin. The debate offers an opportunity for Trump to show off the power of incumbency, speak about his second-term agenda or simply draw a leadership or policy contrast with Biden.

Whatever happens, you can expect a fireworks show at the first Presidential debate.

Expect President Trump to come out swinging.

And if sleepy Joe's recent performance is any indication, he will likely struggle to hold his own against our robust and healthy president!


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