Video: BLM Organizer Tells Officers “Kill Yourself,” Spits Vape in Officer’s Face

A BLM organizer told police officers to kill themselves while appearing to spit vape in one of their faces.


The things that police officers have to deal with on a regular basis would make any average citizen go crazy with rage.

A BLM organizer in Seattle was recently caught on video verbally accosting police officers.

The deranged woman got in an officer’s face and told him that he, and the rest of the officers should “kill themselves.”

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The woman, who is seen vaping, then proceeded to spit vape in the officer’s face multiple times and continue using abrasive language towards him.

The officer, who should be commended for his patience, appeared to remain under control.

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God bless this officer for his patience, but isn't spitting vape in someone's face multiple times during a pandemic grounds for legal action?

Apparently it may be, as there are unconfirmed sources saying the woman has been arrested.

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