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New Op-Ed to Pastors for Biden: “Have You No Fear of the Almighty?”


Joe Biden touts that he’s a Catholic all the time.

But he disagrees with the Catholic Church on basically everything.

Perhaps that’s why he’s actually been denied Communion by a priest before!

He’s pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, pro-birth control. You know, all of the important church teachings.

Yet as Fox News reports, that didn’t stop hundreds of pastors from endorsing Biden:

A coalition of more than 350 faith leaders endorsed Joe Biden for president this week, citing a need for “moral clarity” to “restore the soul of this nation.”

“Faith 2020 is raising awareness, mobilizing faith-rooted voters to get out the vote and doing our part to restore the soul of the nation,” the group wrote on its website. “We’re a group of progressives, independents and conservatives seeking change.”

Faith 2020 received endorsements from faith leaders of various religions – Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim and others.

Its list includes well-known names, such as Nadia Bolz-Weber, a Lutheran minister who founded the LGBTQ-friendly House for All Sinners and Saints in Denver; and Robert W. Lee IV, a descendant of the Confederate general, who stepped down as pastor of a North Carolina church and became a supporter of Black Lives Matter.

The group points to notable decreases in support from White Catholics. Currently, 37 percent of White Catholics hold favorable views of the president, down from 49 percent in 2019, according to a PRRI study.

But the faith group did not mention an increase in support for President Trump among non-White protestants in the same survey. Currently, 40 percent of non-White protestants hold favorable views of Trump, a significant increase from 30 percent in 2019.

But the Western Journal posted a great new op-ed in which the "faith" of these faith leaders is called into question:

Biden’s hypocrisy is also immoral.

But none of this is new in the age of incoherence. Up is down. Down is up. Immorality is moral and killing children is health care and “reproductive justice.”

The faith leaders endorsing Biden — at least those claiming to be Christians — say they love God and others even as they endorse various policies and politicians who directly contradict God and his Word, leaving people victimized by their own sin.

You can imagine the usual crowd of “theologians” promoting homosexuality, transgenderism, “social justice,” political radicalism, communism and abortion, all of it staged as spiritually superior to historic Christian faith articulated in Scripture.

Shall we focus for the moment on abortion and these so-called Christian faith leaders?

If you claim to be a Christian pastor and you endorse Joe Biden, I have serious questions for you.

Are you opposed to killing innocent people? Do you object to torture? Do you believe in the inerrancy of Scripture? Do you believe settled science concerning abortion?

If you oppose killing the innocent, how can you possibly endorse a candidate who endorses abortion all the way to natural birth? How can you support a candidate who affirms partial-birth abortion?

Oh, you say, the fetus is not human. What is it then, a lizard? Science confirms common sense: The fetus is human, a person, one with a God-given right to life. That old “cluster of cells” head fake no longer flies.

Abortion is against Christian teaching. Period.

These faith leaders are nothing more than hacks propped up by the Democrat Party to confuse Christians into voting Democrat.


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