Trump Destroys Biden's Lead in Texas and Now Leads By 2 points!

Trump Destroys Biden’s Lead in Texas and Now Leads By 2 points!

Trump has absolutely been dominating the polls since the RNC.

A recent poll by the Dallas Morning News and the  University of Texas Tyler has Trump leading Biden by 2 points.

The same poll was taken in July but Biden was leading Trump by 5 points.

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Trump has had so much momentum these last couple months and the polls are starting to finally show it.

The Dallas Morning News had these interesting details to share:

Texas remains a toss-up in the presidential race. But Democrat Joe Biden’s modest – and somewhat startling – lead over President Donald Trump has evaporated in the last two months.

From a 5-point edge in early July, Biden now lags Trump by 2 points among likely Texas voters in a poll released Sunday by The Dallas Morning News and University of Texas at Tyler.

Trump’s lead is 48-46.

That turnaround is sure to gladden the hearts of Republicans, who have no hope of controlling the White House without Texas.

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The Hill reported these details:

Trump is now leading Biden among likely voters, 48 to 46 percent, according to the poll from The Dallas Morning News and the University of Texas at Tyler.

Biden had been leading Trump among likely Texas voters by 5 points in early July in a similar poll.

Trump’s support is largely driven by likely white voters in Texas, according to The Dallas Morning News, while Biden is backed by Hispanic and Black voters in the state. Sixty percent of white voters back Trump, while 87 percent of Hispanic voters and 58 percent of Black voters support Biden.

The last time Texas voted blue for a presidential candidate was in 1976 when Jimmy Carter won the state.
I don’t think Texas is turning blue anytime soon and this poll is an early sign that it won’t.

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