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Graphic Video: A Protester Accidentally Lights Another Protester on Fire


The old proverbial says “If you play with fire, you get burnt.

Well, this protester played with fire and really did get burnt.

An unidentified protester (terrorist) in Portland on Saturday night threw a Molotov cocktail in the streets and set the road ablaze.

After this occurred another protester was in the area and the fire from the Molotov (firebomb) exploded on him causing himself to be on fire.

The firebomb was supposed to be thrown at the cops but instead, it exploded on a protester.

Check out the graphic video below:

The New York Post covered the story and had this to say:

Dramatic new video from Portland shows a protester catching on fire on Saturday night.

Shattered glass is heard out of frame before the camera pans to a man whose lower legs have ignited — and who frantically runs away from another small fire in the street near a police line in the city, according to the video uploaded by Twitter user Tayler Hansen.

As the man runs in panic and in flames, police can be heard declaring the protest a riot; they begin deploying tear gas.

Fellow protesters work to extinguish the burning man. Police in riot gear also rush toward the suffering man, but their offer of assistance was rebuffed.

ABC News wasn’t silent and reported this:

Video posted on social media shows what appears to be a Molotov cocktail being thrown into the middle of crowd and exploding into flames on a residential street. One person’s legs appears to catch fire as they run away.

The video shows police in riot gear using flash-bang grenades while making loudspeaker announcements, ordering people to disperse the area. Some demonstrators are seen setting off fireworks in the street as police advance.

A sergeant was struck by a commercial-grade firework, which burned through his glove and injured his hand, according to the Portland Police Bureau. Several other law enforcement officers were hit by rocks in the head, arms, shoulders and feet, with only their protective gear preventing serious injury, police said.

Antifa and BLM members could’ve really hurt or killed an officer with the homemade firebombs they were using.

Luckily their plan backfired.



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