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CA Passes Law Protecting Members of LGBTQ Community Who Have Sex With Minors

CA Senator Scott Weiner helped pass legislation that will protect sexual predators in the LGBTQ community.


Republicans are constantly chided by Democrats and the media over bringing up “conspiracy theories” about secret pedophilia cults.

Look no further than California, where it’s becoming very clear that these are not conspiracy theories at all.

In fact, the end goal is to completey normalize such behavior.

California just passed a law on Monday that would relax sex offender registry requirements for sexual acts such as sodomy with minors in an effort to end “discrimination against LGBTQ young people on the sex offender registry.”

Under this law, adults who have sex with a minor who is less than 10 years younger would not have their names automatically added to the sex offender registry.

Instead, the bill would allow judges to decide if an adult should be added to the registry if they had sex with a minor between the ages of 14 and 17.

The San Fransisco Chronicle explains the new law:

California would eliminate a disparity in its statutory rape laws that critics say is a discriminatory vestige of the historic criminalization of gay sex, under a bill sent Monday to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

SB145 by state Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, would remove automatic sex-offender registration for young adults who are convicted of having anal or oral sex with a minor, leaving the decision up to a judge. Newsom has until the end of September to act on the measure.

Under current law, a judge can decide whether to place a man who has vaginal intercourse with an underage teenage girl on the sex offender registry based on the facts of the case. But if anal or oral sex, or vaginal penetration with anything other than a penis is involved, the adult must register as a sex offender — a relic of a penal code that criminalized those acts until 1975, even between consenting adults.

The California Supreme Court upheld the legal difference in 2015, arguing that because vaginal intercourse can lead to pregnancy, forcing a father to register as a sex offender would subject him to social stigmatization that could make it difficult to find a job and support his child.

Wiener’s bill would treat all sex acts the same: Although minors cannot legally consent, if a teenager ages 14 to 17 voluntarily had sex with an adult who is less than 10 years older, the judge would have discretion over placing the adult on the sex-offender registry.

“This eliminates discrimination against LGBTQ youth in our criminal justice system,” Wiener said on the Senate floor.

The bill squeaked through the Legislature on the last night of session, passing the 80-member Assembly on a bare minimum 41-18 vote before it was approved 23-10 in the 40-member Senate. Several members raised objections to a policy that they argued condoned mistreatment of minors.

This controversial bill first circulated in February of last year.

California Republican lawmakers were strongly against it, and voiced their concerns.

Fox News covered the the story:

"The judge would have discretion in these cases as to whether or not to place someone on the sex offender registry," Victor Ruiz-Cornejo, Wiener's communication's director, said in an email to Fox News. "While it is most often LGBT young people that are impacted, the bill itself brings parity to the way we treat sexual acts."

Republican lawmakers in California have come out strongly against the legislation – saying that the bill would allow sexual predators to lure minors to have sex with them without fear of having to register as a sex offender if caught.

“The language of the bill states that if a predator is not more than 10 years older than the minor, he or she would have an opportunity to avoid registering as a sex offender,” Republican state Sen. Mike Morrell said in a statement to Fox News. “This proposed legislation would place our children at risk. The bill is wrong and it is immoral.”

In a press release, the California State Senate Republican Caucus claims that, if the bill is passed, “a 25-year-old luring a 15-year-old, a 22-year-old luring a 12-year-old, or an 19-year-old luring a 9-year-old would be shielded under the proposed legislation.”

Sponsors and supporters of the bill contest this argument, saying that the bill still maintains the provision that anyone convicted of a sexual act with a child 14 years old or younger automatically must register as a sex offender. Instead, they argue that the bill is meant to protect LGBT people in consensual sexual relationships.

The fact that this bill has made it this far is a shock.

We need more criminalization for sex offenders, especialy those who go after children.

The news of this bill is already causing understandable anger and outrage.


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