Barron Trump: The First Son


At WeLoveTrump, we talk about President Trump a lot….and for good reason.

We also love to cover our wonderful First Lady, Melania.

And we even talk about Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric from time to time.

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But we almost never cover Barron.

I came across a couple videos today that I thought you might find interesting.

I did.

It seems like Mr. Barron is becoming quite the young man!  

So this first one is just kind of fun, it’s a compilation of the few times we’ve heard Barron speak on camera:

This next one I found SUPER fascinating.

This is a kid who went to school with Barron and he's answering Q&A about the young man.  

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Spoiler alert.....Barron is a great kid:

And just look at these latest pictures.

Is he on stilts?

Towering over Mom and Dad:

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