Trump Backs Kyle Rittenhouse For Self-Defense: "He was in very big trouble, he probably would have been killed."

Trump Backs Kyle Rittenhouse For Self-Defense: “He was in very big trouble, he probably would have been killed.”

President Trump just went on record about Kyle Rittenhouse he's spot on as usual.

While the media wants to paint him a killer, the facts show otherwise…..SELF DEFENSE.

Here's the breaking report about the President's comments, from Fox News:

Ahead of his trip to Wisconsin, President Trump embraced the claim that the teenager accused of fatally shooting two protesters and injuring another in Kenosha last week was acting in self-defense – as he tore into Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and other Democrats and accused them of stoking “left-wing political violence.”

During a White House press briefing, Trump appeared to support the claim that 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense – saying that the teenager tripped and that “he probably would have been killed” if he hadn’t use used his weapon.

“He was in very big trouble,” Trump said. “He probably would have been killed.”

The defendant's legal team claim he was acting in self-defense. Social media video shows Rittenhouse, who has been charged with murder, being chased before he fell and fired at his pursuers.

Also on Monday, the president also sought to tie Biden and his party to the unrest across the country amid protests over racial injustice and police brutality, noting that the unrest is happening in "Democrat-run cities."

“The violence is fueled by the rhetoric of far-left politicians,” Trump said. “The rioters and Joe Biden have a side and they’re both on the side of the radical left.”

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Want to see what President Trump is talkign about?

It's this video below.

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Watch before it gets scrubbed from the Internet:

Backup and different angle:

Another backup:

One more:

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