Watch: Women Steals MAGA Hat From 7-year-old, Rips Mom's Pro - Trump Sign Outside of DNC

Watch: Women Steals MAGA Hat From 7-year-old, Rips Mom’s Pro – Trump Sign Outside of DNC

As the November elections get closer, tensions are on the rise and some Democratic supporters have taken a nasty turn.

Yes, you read the headline right.

 Instead of ignoring the Trump supporters or engaging peacefully with them, these two women thought that it was a great idea to attack a child and rip up his mother’s sign to show how wonderful their candidate for the U.S. presidency is.

Hmm…that backfired.

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Watch the video that has gone viral on social media below:

Here's a report from Newsweek:

An incident captured on video appeared to show two women who were protesting President Donald Trump on Thursday taking a "Make America Great Again" hat from a child and tearing up pro-Trump posters.

The incident continued to escalate throughout the video as the women and the child's mother shouted back and forth and threatened each other with physical injury.

"They attacked my son. I have it on video," the boy's mother can be heard telling a man at one point during the video.

One of the women can then be heard responding to the allegation: "Nobody touched your kid. Back up. I'm telling you to back the f*** up right now."

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More from Fox News:

A woman claims in a video being circulated on social media that two women stole a Make America Great Again hat from her Trump-supporting 7-year-old son and tore up her pro-Trump sign near where Joe Biden gave his Democratic National Convention acceptance speech.
In response to the video that received 2.9 million views and was shared by Donald Trump Jr., the Students for Trump organization tweeted that the White House called the boy. The White House did not immediately comment Friday.

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