Jeremiah Johnson’s Prophecy From July About the NFL and NBA Playing Out Before Our Very Eyes


Wow, talk about accurate!

Back in July, Jeremiah Johnson went on TV and explained a prophecy that probably sounded strange at the time. 

It was about the NFL and NBA.

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And it wasn't good news for what was coming to America by virtue of those two sports leagues.

Here's a quick summary:

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Here's a screenshot if that gets taken down:

I'd say he hit the nail on the head, huh?

Just stunning.  

Folks, do not be fooled. 

Do not be alarmed.

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Do not be fearful.

The schemes of the Devil will be fierce but they will FAIL.

I know how this story ends!

If you'd like to know all the details and see much more, please check out these three amazing videos from Jeremiah:

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