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Watch: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Admits Network Doesn’t Fact Check Dems Like They Do Trump


Straight from the horse’s mouth folks!

While on air with Don Lemon, CNN’s Chris Cuomo admitted that the network doesnt fact check the Democrats like they do Donald Trump.


Because they say nobody lies like Donald Trump!

Cuomo admitted that even Democrats lie, but it’s not as bad as when Trump lies.

Watch the admission in the clip below:

According to Fox News, Cuomo also got blasted for his comments in the same show, in which he made a racist remark about Republican Senator Tim Scott:

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo suggested on Monday night that Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., and other speakers at the Republican National Convention are "carrying water" for President Trump and drew swift criticism over the remark.

Scott closed the first night of the convention with a powerful speech, addressing his own life story, hitting Joe Biden's controversial remarks stereotyping Black Americans as a monolith, and praising the president's policies that helped elevate the Black community.

However, the anchor didn't appear to be as impressed during a rant about the president's constant "lies."

"Do politicians lie? Of course. Do both parties engage in it? Yes... but not like Donald Trump," Cuomo said. "Nobody lies the way this man does, has, and will, that I've ever seen in politics. So, he's lying to you."

"And these people are all his echo," Cuomo continued. "I mean, one's his son. You know, the other one is his son's girlfriend. So, OK. But Tim Scott. You know, look, they're carrying water for him. You know, Tim Scott was very careful about what he didn't mention."

Cuomo's colleague Don Lemon agreed, noting that Scott "all but avoided" the 2016 convention and mocked how President Trump is now the senator's "best friend."

Cuomo's remarks stirred some backlash on social media, some suggesting the anchor's comments were "racist."

Cuomo wouldn't dare say such a thing about a white senator.

It just goes to show what these media liberals really think about black people.

As if he couldn't put his foot in his mouth anymore,  the Washington Examiner reports that Cuomo also said that it's ok if churches are shut down, but protesting should always be allowed:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has a degree in law. Could have fooled me.

The cable news host and slowest of the Cuomo children argued this week that anti-police protesters are more deserving of First Amendment rights than people of faith.

"I want to go to church," said Cuomo. "I miss going to church. I understand there’s a pandemic. You know who else does? My priest understands it.”

He added, “Oh, but you can protest. One has nothing to do with the other. You are dealing with people who are responding in this country to outrageous acts of social injustice. To say, well, it’s the same as going to church, no, it isn’t. If you told people they couldn’t protest, if you invoked martial law about these types of situations, you would have chaos.”

The cable host's unique interpretation of U.S. law came Monday in response to a speech delivered on the first night of the 2020 Republican National Convention by Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk.

"The American way of life,” said Kirk, “means you can freely practice your religion and that church is more essential than a casino. It means that we judge people on their actions, not on their immutable characteristics.”

He added, “All of this is under attack by a group of bitter, deceitful, vengeful, arrogant activists who wish to tear down this gift we have been given. We are locking up pastors, but releasing violent criminals from prison. … The Left is judging people solely on the color of their skin, not on how they act or the values they hold.”

Following Kirk’s address, an indignant CNN host made the counterargument that, yes, of course the anti-police protesters should be exempt from the same restrictions that have barred people of faith from gathering for prayer and worship in their churches, mosques, and synagogues.

“I feel badly for [Kirk],” said Cuomo, “that he believes that that’s the world he lives in, that he’s being kept from going to church. Why? Because of a pandemic."


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