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Radical Protesters Attempt to Interrupt Trump RNC Speech; Threaten to Burn Church; “Execute” Trump Dummy; Attack Supporters


Radical Democrats and far-left "protesters" made fools of themselves during the final night of the RNC.

They attempted to interrupt Trump's address to the RNC.

Protesters and rioters blarred speakers, banged drums, abused sirens, and honked horns to try to interrupt President Trump's speech.

Some reports indicate that the audience at the White House was able to hear the disrupters.

But most people watching on TV couldn't hear the noise that the demonstrators were able to make.

There were a few moments where hints of the noise could be heard through the microphones, but President Trump's voice and positive message thundered through the city.

The protesters failed to disrupt a night of positivity, unity, and celebration.

See some of the disruptors below:

But things got worse...

At first, the disruptors were simply trying to make noise to disrupt President Trump's speech.

Fortunately, the speech was successful and President Trump was able to make his case to the American people.

But after the speech ended, protesters began attacking and harrassing Trump supporters leaving the White House.

These "peaceful protesters" even put a dummy of President Trump on a guillotine.

They then "beheaded" him.

This is a SHAME!

While people attending in person could hear the hateful protesters, most people watching at home likely had no idea that anything was happening.

The speech was a SUCCESS.

President Trump effectively attacked Joe Biden while optimistically painted his vision for a second term.

According to USA Today, the protesters wanted to destroy Trump's celebration of America:

Raucous protesters chanted and banged drums near the White House as more than a thousand guests of the president were gathered inside in advance of President Donald Trump’s acceptance speech.

An area outside had also become a dance party featuring EDM remixes of MoTown music.

The noise – along with occasional police sirens – could be heard faintly from within the White House grounds. Another area had turned into a raucus dance party.

“Black women matter, because we get stuff done!” some yelled.

Shortly before 10:30, while Ivanka Trump was in the middle of her speech to introduce her father, protesters began using bullhorns, whistles and bells while chanting “Black Lives Matter” just outside the White House.

Minutes later, protesters beyond the gates began setting off firecrackers at the start of Trump's speech. They also amped up the horn-blowing and the chants – all audible from the South Lawn of the White House – but none of it seemed to distract Trump or his supporters, who chanted  "USA!" and "Four More Years!"

About 10 minutes into his speech, though, the horns, sounding similar to the vuvuzela that dominated the background of the 2010 World Cup, grew louder and was audible on televised broadcasts of the speech.

Outside the gates, crowds chanted "Black Lives Matter" and "No justice, no peace!”

The crowds were gathered between the White House and National Mall and in Black Lives Matter Plaza, the epicenter of the protests earlier this year over racial injustice amid the death of George Floyd and others at the hands of law enforcement.

Of course, Republican protesters did not attempt to disrupt Joe Biden.


Because we believe in freedom of speech.

We believe in America.

And we believe that voices, as ridiciulous and radical as they are, deserve to be heard.

However, the fact that these people are trying to silence the President is scary... because if they're willing to silence him... what will stop them from silencing you?

The noisiest part of the protesters was during Ivanka Trump's speech, not President Trump's.

Fox News confirms that their goal was to "drown out" Trump:

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside of the White House Thursday evening as President Trump prepared to give his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention from the South Lawn.

Fencing was set up along the perimeter of the White House to keep protesters away, but shouts could be heard from the South Lawn.

Protesters shouted “No justice, no peace” and “Join us,” while holding anti-Trump and Black Lives Matter signs, beating drums and playing music.

The demonstration, complete with a band, what appeared to be a “party” school bus and a character dressed as the infamous Baby Trump holding a cell phone. Images showed attendees taking pictures of a guillotine with an effigy of Trump.

Shutdown DC, the group that organized the protest, proclaimed demonstrators would “crash Trump’s rally," according to the FOX 5 in Washington, D.C.

Now, there is a late-breaking report that protesters are threatening to burn down St. John's Church.

This is the church that President Trump visited during the George Floyd riots.

So far, it appears the church is safe.

Newsweek reports:

A video of racial justice protesters in front of St. John's Church in Washington, D.C. has begun to trend on Twitter because of their provocative but easily misunderstood chant: "Burn it down."

In the video, posted by Phillip Nieto—a journalist who writes for the right-wing website The Daily Caller—the protesters chanted, "If we don't get [justice], burn it down."

Fortunately, the police presence is high.

And thank God for the Secret Service!

Thank you for keeping President Trump safe!


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