Celebrities Bash Fist Lady Melania Trump During the 2020 RNC Speech: You Are A ‘Dumb Animal’

Celebrities Bash Fist Lady Melania Trump During the 2020 RNC Speech: You Are A ‘Dumb Animal’

Everyone knows that “famous” doesn’t mean “classy” – a lot of times, it just means “trashy”. 

And during First lady Melania Trump’s 2020 RNC speech from the Rose Garden at the White House, many far lefters came out from Hollywood and let us all know which of the terms above descibe them best.

 (hint: it’s the first and last). 

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While our first lady was thanking COVID-19 frontline workers and shared her story of coming to America as an immigrant, others were busy spewing insults from their keyboards, like the ones below: 

After receiving some negative responses, Bette Midler posted an apology tweet, but still left her nasty comments on her account.

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Actor Michael Rapaport posted a viral video of himself spitting out insults and blasting Melania Trump, which you can watch below:

Newsbreak reported on Michael Rapaport's antics, calling him out on his absuvie tendencies towards men and women: 

Actor Michael Rapaport has a history of being verbally abusive to both men and women. He’s as far-left as they come in Hollywood, too. Not exactly a great combination. On Sunday, Rapaport went after First Lady Melania Trump – for whatever reason. This really speaks volumes about his respect for women than it does anything else.

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