TRUMP 2020: RNC Concludes with Spectacular Fireworks Show Spelling "Trump 2020" in the Sky

TRUMP 2020: RNC Concludes with Spectacular Fireworks Show Spelling “Trump 2020” in the Sky


President Trump has officially outshone Sleepy Joe Biden.

Not only did he deliver a barnburner of an EPIC speech, but the RNC ended with a GLORIOUS fireworks display.

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Some commentators on Fox News even appeared to suggest that it's one of the largest displays ever by the Washington Monument and National Mall.

The fireworks spelled "Trump 2020" multiple times in the night sky.

See clips of the epic show below!

Several outlets reported that the RNC approved the fireworks display just a few days ago.

But no one expected such a massive display.

The Hill has more details:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has received approval to conduct a fireworks display at the Washington Monument on Thursday immediately following President Trump's acceptance speech.

The National Park Service approved the committee's application for the fireworks roughly one week after it was filed. The RNC will pay the full costs associated with the event, which will follow Trump's address from the South Lawn of the White House. The fireworks display is expected to take place around 11:30 p.m. on Thursday.

The permit indicates the RNC is not expecting more than 50 people in the area to conduct the fireworks display. But hundreds of lawmakers and other guests are likely to attend Trump's speech across the street at the White House, even as the coronavirus pandemic persists.

The president settled on the White House as the backdrop for his speech after the pandemic rendered his original plans of speaking to a crowd in Charlotte, N.C., and later from Jacksonville, Fla., impractical.

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Even Juan Williams on Fox News said that it's the best "fireworks that a fireworks lover has ever seen."

What a great way to end a successful week...

And an even more successful speech by President Trump!

A ROBUST display of patriotism, ENERGY, and excitement!

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