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Rachel Maddow FAIL on Live TV: Attempts to “Fact Check” Gov Kristi Noem on Riots


At this point, we have to ask: "What reality do they live in?"

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow INTERRUPTED Governor Kristi Noem's speech to "fact check" her. 

Kristi Noem was speaking about the violent riots happening in Democrat-run cities.

Maddow attempted to "fact check" Noem.

Now, Maddow is being brutally mocked for denying the violence happening in blue cities.

So we ask again: what reality is Rachel Maddow living in?

See her out of touch commentary below:

We don't need MSNBC or Rachel Maddow to tell us what our own eyes see.

Democrat-run cities are on fire due to "peaceful protesters" in the streets.

Now, Maddow is being mocked for attempting to "fact check" Governor Kristi Noem.

Fox News has more details:

MSNBC on Wednesday attempted to do a "reality check" on South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem's remarks at the Republican National Convention about the ongoing violence in certain cities.

Noem kicked off the evening of speakers and took aim at "Democrat-run cities" that have been hit with violence following the death of George Floyd.

"From Seatle and Portland to Washington and New York, Democrat-run cities across this country are being overun by violent mobs," Noem said. "The violence is rampant. There's looting, chaos, destruction, and murder. People who can afford to flee have fled but the people that can't, good hard-working Americans, are left to fend for themselves."

However, those remarks didn't sit well with MSNBC host Rachel Maddow, who cut into the network's RNC coverage to call Noem's claims "very wrong."

And joining her by phone to react to the South Dakota governor's remarks was Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

"Her caricature of the great cities across America is not only wrong, it's purposefully wrong," Durkan said, encouraging Noem to visit her city. "Seattle is a city that I raised my two children in and I would not have raised them anywhere else."

Durkan went on to claim that violent crime in her city is 'down 5% this year" and that people "are not leaving Seattle," later taking a swipe at President Trump.

"He tried to make it sound like there were mobs rampant throughout Seattle. It's not the case," Durkan assured Maddow, who agreed that Noam's remarks were "really, really wrong."

The segment was panned by right-leaning commentators on social media, many pointing out to the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP), the weeks-long autonomous zone that was set up by protesters that later was the setting for violence.

"This is complete bulls---," senior writer Julio Rosas reacted. "You can scroll through my timeline and see the results of Democratic mayors and governors abandoning their cities when the going gets tough with the mobs."

American voters are not sheep.

They know exactly what is happening in large, Democrat-run cities.

The response was fierce.

It's a shame that instead of objectively covering the RNC, MSNBC decided to let Rachel Maddow interrupt the programming to "fact check" Governor Noem.

Breitbart confirms:

During MSNBC’s coverage of the 2020 Republican National Convention on Wednesday, host Rachel Maddow brought on Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (D) “to essentially run a reality check” on South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s (R) statements on crime in cities like Seattle so that the network feels “responsible about our broadcast.”

Maddow said that the network “will interject when we feel like there’s something that’s important and deliberate and very wrong that should be corrected just so that we feel responsible about our broadcast. In this case, Gov. Noem just said, ‘From Seattle and Portland to Washington and New York, Democrat-run cities across this country are being overrun by violent mobs. The violence is rampant. There’s looting, chaos, destruction, [and] murder. People that can afford to flee have fled.’ Joining us for more on that and to essentially run a reality check on that assertion is the Mayor of the great city of Seattle, Jenny Durkan.”

If the fake news media continues to lie about what's happening in Democrat-run cities, then they are up for a rude awakening this November.

It looks like the 2020 election could be 2016 on steriods.

You heard it here first, folks.

Prepare for a major Trump "surprise" victory this November!


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