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Media Meltdown as Trump Participates in Naturalization Ceremony for 5 Immigrants in RNC Night 2


President Trump is putting on the greatest show on earth!

Night 2 of the RNC was a huge success!

One of the most touching moments of the night was when President Trump participated in the naturalization ceremony for 5 immigrants.

That's correct: 5 foreigners became LEGAL immigrants and it was featured on the RNC!

President Trump congratulated the new citizens and welcomed them to the "great American family."

The media and their allies in the Democrat party like to portray Trump as a "racist," but the reality is that he has ALWAYS supported immigration based on merit!

Last night, 5 incredible people became America citizens and President Trump honored them with a few statements after the ceremony.

Watch the touching moment below:

Of course, the media had a meltdown.

This totally contradicts their narrative that "Trump hates immigrants."

Trump wants to stop ILLEGAL immigration, but he has always supported immigration based on merit!

But the media are misrepresenting his position as well as his policies.

And they had a full blown MEDIA MELTDOWN after the beautiful naturalization ceremony of 5 immigrants.

Here's just a sample of the media outrage:

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton even chimed in.

This is anything but normal.

Politico described night 2 of the convention as "norm busting":

President Donald Trump staged a norm-busting show on the second night of the Republican National Convention, pardoning a convicted bank robber, hosting a naturalization ceremony, and providing a primetime platform to Americans with a history of incendiary social media posts.


At the top of the second hour of the convention’s televised portion, five people stood in the White House and recited the naturalization oath of allegiance to the United States of America under the lead of acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf, with Trump looking on.

“Today, America rejoices as we welcome five absolutely incredible people into our great American family,” ]Trump said after the ceremony. “You are now fellow citizens of the greatest nation on the face of God’s Earth. Congratulations. Great going. You followed the rules, you obeyed the laws. You learned your history, embraced our values and proved yourselves to be men and women of the highest integrity.”

Trump read short bios of the immigrants from Bolivia, Lebanon, India, Sudan and Ghana, who spoke multiple languages and held various academic degrees.

“With the rights and freedoms that you each enjoy, there’s no dream beyond your wildest reach because Americans can do anything,” Trump said.

You would think the media would be happy that the RNC chose to use its massive platform to promote merit based immigration.

But the media had a total meltdown instead.

Despite the wall and tough immigration reform, President Trump loves LEGAL immigrants who come based on merit.

Forbes confirms the merit-based system Trump is working to unveil:

Donald Trump is expected to take at least one more significant action on immigration before the November election. If history is a guide, he will call the move “merit-based” but end up restricting the ability of companies to employ high-skilled foreign nationals.

“President Trump and top White House officials are privately considering a controversial strategy to act without legal authority to enact new federal policies – starting with immigration,” according to Axios. “The order could . . .  include significant new restrictions on immigration that couldn't get through Congress but are favored by the president, Jared Kushner and hardline adviser Stephen Miller.” Trump’s thinking, Axios reported, is “heavily influenced” by former Bush administration attorney John Yoo, who wrote in a National Review article, the Supreme Court's 5-4 DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] ruling last month “makes it easy for presidents to violate the law.”

“I said, ‘Why not just take the DACA opinion itself and do a search-replace. And every time it says ‘DACA’ ... replace it with ‘skills-based immigration system,’” Yoo said he told the White House. “This gives President Trump an alternative to create such a program, at least for a few years,” reported the Associated Press. “Not long after the conversations, Trump began promising a series of new executive orders on a range of issues.” Legal scholars dispute Yoo’s interpretation of the Supreme Court decision, arguing it restricted, not expanded executive branch authority.

The reality is that Trump wants as many people to join the American family as possible and pursue the American dream!


They must come here LEGALLY!

And they must be admitted through merit!


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