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James Comey: Joe Biden MUST Be Our Next President!


James Comey has made it blatantly obvious he has it out for President Trump.

He oversaw a corrupt FBI that started an investigation into the Trump campaign based off phony evidence.

He’s part of the Deep State cronies.

And guess who he wants to see in the White House?

Joe Biden!

Fox News reports on Comey’s announcement to voters that they should pick Biden in November:

Former FBI Director James Comey blasted President Trump and Attorney General William Barr in a new op-ed published on Tuesday by The Washington Post, accusing them of “leaving a legacy of damage” at the Justice Department.

Comey was criticized during the 2016 election over his handling of the Clinton email investigation and the FBI’s handling of the Russia election interference investigation, which was conducted while he led the FBI, is being reviewed by U.S. Attorney John Durham. But he has charged that Trump and Barr are eroding the country’s faith in the justice system, citing examples like the president and attorney general “lying” about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings from the Russia probe, its involvement in the Roger Stone and Michael Flynn cases, and the controversy surrounding the protesters forcibly removed from Lafayette Square so that Trump can visit St. John’s Church.

“If we are to be a healthy nation, the damage must be repaired. America has always depended on the truth,” Comey wrote. “The justice system in the United States is built upon the idea that the truth is a real thing and it must be spoken, by everybody. And that we all play by the same rules. It matters that judges and prosecutors don’t treat you differently because of who you are, what you look like, or who you know. Lady Justice wears a blindfold so all Americans get fair treatment.”

Comey stressed that the rule of law should be “evenhanded” regardless of politics and that justice’s “blindfold must be restored.”

“The facts and the law — not loyalty to Trump, or wealth, or race — must be the only thing that matters,” he said. “And no matter our politics, we should see it the same way.”

Comey said he thinks there are many Republicans who do not like to see the erosion of truth-telling and evenhanded law enforcement, because they are the group in power.

“That’s dangerously shortsighted,” Comey said.  “Because if Trump-style justice becomes our tradition, nobody is safe. If lying is rewarded, if the Justice Department starts deciding who to prosecute based on politics, all Americans are at risk, because eventually, your party will be out of power, which means the people in power will be coming for you. That’s not America.”

Comey went on to call the Trump presidency “a continuing frontal assault on the truth” and urged his readers to support Joe Biden in the upcoming election.

Here’s Comey’s latest tweet where he pushes for a Biden presidency:

And his appearance on Anderson Cooper's show:

Check out the latest tweets on Comey:

Senatory Lindsey Graham even tweeted that if Comey has so much to say, he should come testify before the Senate:

Deadline has more details on Comey's trashing of Trump:

It is more than a month until The Comey Rule limited series premieres on Showtime, but the still-raging drama between Donald Trump and fired FBI director James Comey was live Monday on cable news during Night 1 of the Republican National Convention.

“If you put it in a script, I’m sure it would get rejected for not being realistic enough, that the chairman of the president’s campaign is working with a Russian intelligence officer,” Comey told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow of the damning report released last week by the GOP-controlled Senate Intelligence Committee on Russian interference in the 2016 election. The report examined contacts between Russian sources and the Trump campaign.

“You are going to want to explain to your grandchildren someday how you stood with respect to that oath,” Comey added to the MSNBC hosts about law enforcement participating in possible voter suppression. “Did you abide it or did you do what Donald Trump wanted you to do so he could engineer his reelection?”

As the semi-virtual Trumpathon prepared to kick off Monday, Comey’s appearance came as a convention of never-Trump Republicans — the Convention on Founding Principles —  began as an alternative to the GOP gathering, with the A Higher Loyalty author center stage. “I’m speaking out now, because I think, not to overstate it because I don’t think you can overstate it, what in America is at stake here,” Comey said on an online roundtable with ex-Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele at the virtual event. Fired by Trump in May 2017, Comey also will be speaking at the event on Tuesday.

In the MSNBC interview today, Comey told Wallace that he was “more worried” about Russian meddling in the 2020 election compared to 2016.

Just more evidence folks that a vote for Biden is a vote for the Deep State!


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