Respected Anesthesiologist Proves Why Masks DON’T Work!


Narrative completely blown folks!

I’d like you to meet Dr. Theodore A. Noel, MD, a well respected anesthesiologist from Orlando, FL.

And to establish that fact right off the bat, please take a look at this from U.S. News and World Report:

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Yup, that's 21+ years in practice, a "Very Positive" rating from patients, and he's not just an MD but a specialist as an anesthesiologist.

In short, the man is smart!

And he just made a video PERFECTLY exposing why masks don't work.

Not even close. 

I'm just gonna let you watch this because it speaks for itself.....then please show your friends and family!

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And if that gets taken down, which it probably will, then you can watch the backup version over on the free-speech Bitchute platform here:

And here's even more from the good doctor:

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