Jon Voight Speaks Out: "President Trump is the only one who can save this nation"

Jon Voight Speaks Out: “President Trump is the only one who can save this nation”

God bless the few in Hollywood who have the boldenss, the wisdom and the courage to speak out for President Trump.

For goodness.

For decency.

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For saving our nation. 

They get it.

Will you listen to them?

Please watch this heartfelt and incredibly well stated message from Jon Voight:

And here's a backup if that doesn't work or gets deleted or censored (as frequently happens):

Here's a transcript of a portion of what he had to say:

 "What are they preaching? These liberals who use their fame to preach. 

On what grounds of truths but their truth of evil destruction, to lead the American people done a road of no recovery. 

I'll say it again and again. President Trump is the only one who can save this nation. 

Don't be fooled by the ones who use their fame to preach. These are liberals who follow one another and what we must stand for now is the almighty, to lift this darkness, lift the shadows and show who's boss once and for all. 

Because my fellow Americans, these Democrats are destroying this country with evil propaganda and ignorance and we as a nation must stop this - now. And we must fight for our life now, November's election is our chance to save the United States of America. 

Don't be fooled by these singers and actors of Hollywood. 

They are polluted with disgrace and have no idea what truly to believe in.

I know, I once was on the left until I was taught different, to see the truth. 

So hear me now our nation will crumble if you don't wake up. 

We must vote for God's truths, the truths that our forefathers fought for. 

For our protection. 

Let us crumble this army of left-wing lies and wipe them out and let us save the United States of America so our children and grandchildren can grow and know the land of the free and the land of dreams and who saved it once again. 

President Donald Trump." 

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